Nikki Boudreaux - Physique Competitor

Nikki: I have always been obsessed with fitness, even when I was a little girl reading the muscular development magazines that I would have my grandmother would buy me from the grocery store. I began playing softball at 4 years old, and continued to play multiple sports up through high school, where I earned 20 varsity letters in 5 sports (cross-country, basketball, softball, track, powerlifting). I did push ups and calf raises in the bathroom every day before my shower, and would time myself running up the stairs. I prided myself on beating boys in races, and also for beating "Cheetah" on the Nintendo Track game. Power Pad game strong.

Once I was of age to lift, I freakin loved it. I ALWAYS wanted to lift as much as the guys, and really enjoyed lifting with the football players. I didn't see any reason that just because I was a girl, that I couldn't develop my muscles the same way and lift that heavy weight! (Note* I was barely five foot tall and weighed 100 lbs). It was really motivating for lil ol me to turn on the music, pick up those weights, get dirty, sweat and lift! We had a barebones weight room, with old rusty ass weights but it was perfect. I always felt comfortable in the weight room.

My passion for sports earned me a collegiate softball scholarship, where I earned all-american honor, set stolen base records, and enjoyed great mentorship from my coaches while building the best friendships with girls who actually are still my best friends! I always found myself as a team captain, and enjoyed being the one that others could come to if they needed a hand. I found myself leading the strength and conditioning at TWU after my eligibility. I earned my degree in Exercise Physiology/Biology because I am so passionate about fitness that I wanted to know everything I possibly could for training purposes.

After college, I joined another team... The United States Marine Corps. This was the greatest challenge I had faced, and it definitely made a woman out of me! I took all my passion for physical fitness and competing and put it into my training. Being a Marine reaffirmed and validated my thinking that I really could do anything. At the peak of my physical fitness, I was involved in a near fatal car accident that left me in a wheelchair for 2.5 months due to a shattered pelvis. 10 screws and one metal plate later, here I am. This has been a very long painful and ongoing recovery process and it is very much still an issue to this day. I strap up and work around it best I can. I'm thankful and blessed for my education to have the knowledge to do so.

I moved myself to the East Coast after the Marines and began training models of all types at a private gym in Manhattan - Chelsea District. This is where I finally began to think about the possibility of stepping on stage. After lifting a few times with a co-worker and aspiring figure competitor, Robynn Europe (now IFBB PRO), she inspired me to pick up that heavy weight again and get to work! Shortly there after, I decided to start training for my first show and never looked back! I stepped on the stage for the first time at 128 pounds in Nov 2014 at the Lackland Classic.

Off season I eat whatever the hell I want. Hamburgers, Mexican Food, Italian Food, Chicken (any way I can get it), and lots of candy bc I have the biggest sweet tooth that you can imagine. Yes, I eat some clean meals in there. Yes, I still train hard as hell in off season. No, I don't measure my food. I listen to my body, eat what it needs, keep it clean when I can, and just relax and refuel my body.

Pre contest takes me about 8 weeks to slim down, and I just carb cycle my way till the last week. Rotating vegetable and protein sources, and never just drop down to fish only or no carbs. Eww.

Build muscle - beef fajitas, krispy kreme donuts, vitamins/supplements, hard work, 3000+ calories
Lose weight - oats, chicken breast, sweet potato, asparagus, hard work, 1750 calories

My metabolism is crazy fast and I start sweating the moment I swallow bc I just incinerate the food.

I've been very happy with my package every time I've stepped on stage. My way works bc I listen to my body.

Fat Burning Arsenal: noticeable results in one week
CLA + L-Carnitine + Omega 369 + cup o' coffee 3x a day: before fasted cardio, before mid am meal, before mid pm meal.
CTD Sports - Hyper Cuts (fat burner): love these. Take before workouts w/ no other pre workouts.
Pre Show: Last 10 days of prep - daily results
MHP - Expel (diuretic): Take peak week only as directed always brings me in right, and is potassium sparing.
PES - Alphamine (thermogenic): Take last 2 weeks instead of Hyper Cuts. Love this Cherry Limeade flavor they have. This stuff makes you sweat, and if you take too much too soon you will poop on yourself. Don't be that guy.

I love to get in the gym and do work. I will stack up two, three, four exercises and do a crazy monster set. I will also just pick five exercises and drop set myself to death, moving each weight to failure then dropping weight and hit that till failure. Dropping a total of 3-4x, for 3-4 sets. It takes a lot to expend all of my energy and also fully break down my stubborn ass muscle fibers.

I do mix in days of strength training, and some cross training. I believe that the lines you pull will be the lines you create. In order to create lines that no one has seen, I think you have to repeat and master movements that no one else is doing. Which is why (in my opinion) ex gymnasts and crossfitters have great bubbly muscle bellies! I use my swimming pool and cycling most to bring in my shoulders, legs, and core. They are low impact, and I can apply resistance at many different angles. My mantra in the gym: Every muscle. Every angle.

Eat big. Lift big. If I want to have a kick ass workout, then I go have a kick ass meal. That's my theory, and so far I've managed to put on over 20 lbs of muscle since 2012. However, even if I'm cutting, that's no excuse to have some wimpy ass workout. Whether I have 3000 calories or 1500, I know that I'm going to get it all out in the gym bc I just don't feel right leaving if I don't. Then I can't say to myself, "I could have done more."

My last competition was Jr. Nationals in Rosemont, IL and held on June 14, 2015. I took 9th Place in the Women's Physique - Class C. I went on stage a shredded 129, and had the time of my life. When we got there for athlete check in, of course I wanted to be one of the first ones, so me and the Texas Crew of #npcTEXAS girls went down to get in line. It was awesome.

The expo was up and going, the competitors were all starting to get tanned and walking around in their robes, some were doing fitness shoots in the halls, and everyone was looking at everyone thinking what we all think..."Do I look better than them?" and "Are they Figure or Physique?" or "Oh wow, I wonder if she's in my class?"

Nervous energy is definitely in the air during this, and everyone is looking for so and so that they found on instagram that is going to be competing. Probably thinking to themselves, "Oh they looked much bigger on instagram."

At least these were all the thoughts going through MY MIND!

Pre Judging was amazing. I never felt so on point in my life. I was very happy with my poses, and comfortable up on stage. I didn't get first call outs though, and while it was disappointing I knew coming up there that I was light on muscle, so I didn't expect to change the world with my small ass shoulders and ripped up abs. I just had the mindset that I was simply thankful to be competing on the national stage and anything above last place would be a blessing. After all, I really wanted to be there for my lifting partner, Andrea Pollard - who is now an IFBB Pro! I just knew in my heart that she was going to get her pro, and I wanted to be there for that moment either as a competitor or a spectator! Period!

For Finals, honestly, I just wanted to have my little moment on stage and then get on to the figure finals, to see if my swolemate earned her pro card. Pumping up was AWESOME! To see all your competition backstage looking all swole and beautiful, and some like to talk and some don't. I'm usually back there cracking jokes and being goofy/funny, bc that's what I do when I'm nervous. I figure I'd rather laugh with everyone than stare at each other awkwardly while we pump up and try not to look at each other.

After pumping up and getting glued and glazed, they separated you into your classes and they called us up for introductions, and then they had a little man next to the stage that said, "I'm sorry you didn't make the top 5." and he kept having to repeat it to all the girls who didn't make top 5. It made me laugh out loud, and I looked at him and said "I know." I chuckled and walked off stage, and went back to chat with Andrea before she went on stage to take her pro card. Seeing her get her pro card was just as good as if I were to have gotten my pro card. It was rewarding to me to see her have this success after all the workouts we put in together and thinking how lucky I was to be part of that in some small little way. Made all that hard work I put in on my own journey worth that much more to me.

I'm growing the rest of this year, and will be setting my sites on national level shows next year. However, I know I'm going to get some shoulder gains and want to see how I measure up later this year, so who knows. I currently weigh in at 134 and I'm 5'5. I need to be about 5-6 lbs heavier on stage in order for me to see continued success on the stage. I have yet to come in last place, so that's always nice. I want to make a big statement next year, at a big show. I'm thinking maybe the Arnold Amateur or Phil Heath Classic to start off with. Any requests?

I just kicked off my athlete fan page on facebook because I maxed out on friend requests, so be sure to check that out ( and I'm also knee deep in building up my YouTube channel (nikkibooatx) & Instagram account (nikkibooatx). I plan to really grow in the digital space, so stay tuned for more posing, workout, and cooking videos! Lots of fun stuff planned for YouTube that's for sure.

Lastly, I'd like to thank ya'll for taking the time to read this interview. I really tried to be straight up for ya'll and hope you can appreciate where I'm coming from. If you ever see me at a show, please come holler at me and let's take a pic! Life's too short to not always be meeting new people and friends. Thank you so much for your support, it is truly appreciated.

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Nikki Boudreaux

Nikki Boudreaux

Nikki Boudreaux