Nicoleta Biciianu - Bikini Competitor

Well I have discovered this passion of mine, which is fitness, about 6 years ago. I loved being in the gym, exercising and seeing my body changing. I even started to feel guilty for skipping training days. I had no certain goal at the beginning, I just felt really good and motivated to be in this environment, surrounded by people with the same mentality.
After a few years I decided to take it to the next level and step on stage. I wanted to set a goal, so I pushed my limits nutrition and training wise, and see how far I can transform my body.

I believe that being healthy is the most important thing for me on and off season. During off-season period, I try to have a balanced diet and always eat clean. What is important for me is avoiding processed and sweet/sugary foods. I'm allowing myself a cheat meal once a week during competition prep and a bit more often off season. During contest prep I reduce my carbs dramatically, my protein intake is slightly increased and I try to be more strict with my healthy fats. Depending on how my body responds week by week, I am adjusting my macronutrients accordingly.

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I am a strong believer that each body type responds differently on certain nutrition plans. There is not such a thing that one diet plan fits all body types. Each one has to experiment with their body, and see what works for them or not.

First I have to say that even though training became part of my everyday life routine I was never disciplined enough to be careful with my nutrition. Never had abs, and I was always struggling to eat the proper food or better said to be on a nutritional plan and stay focused. I can say that I wasn't confident when I stepped on stage but I was happy with my physique and what I have achieved so far.
I can say that the stage is actually the hardest part for me out of the whole preparation. I am actually really shy and I struggle with displaying a person who can be sassy and all confident on stage.

I have a 3 day on / 1 day off weight training routine and I divide it like this:
1 day push
1 day pull
1 day legs
Pre contest I do fasted cardio, first thing in the morning for half an hour. As I get closer to the show I add another half an hour cardio session, straight after the weight training. During off season I prefer hitting HIIT on the bike or treadmill for 3-4 times/ week, which helps me to keep my body fat levels low and maintain my muscle gains.

I was super excited to be getting closer and closer to the date of the show. I just felt so good and I couldn't wait to step on stage, wear my bikini suit, my bling bling and of course the feeling of being in the centre of attention.

Funny enough, just before stepping on the stage I panicked a lot, and perhaps that was the moment that made me realise where I was standing and see everything from a different perspective.

I can not explain the feeling but in the same time it was also the desire of wanting to show my sacrifice or my work, to be there and freeze in the pose or the quarter turns and make no mistakes.
It was a lot going through my head, I couldn't think clearly but once I saw myself around all those beautiful ladies, facing the judges and the audience I let my self confidence come back and did the best I could.

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Well, I had my first show in July. It was extremely hard and I dedicated everything for this, so I am taking a well deserved break until January. This doesn't mean of course that I stopped eating every 3 hours or stopped counting my macros or stopped training. Yes there are days when you simply don't want to move or don't want to train, and it's absolutely normal, but I know how to bring myself back up and stay focused and motivated. I simply let myself socialize a bit more and enjoy what surrounds me.

From January onwards I want to challenge myself to do a show every month if possible, get as much experience as I can, and of course improve my physique again. You know what every bikini competitor says... we are never happy enough with what we achieved, or better said, there is always room for a better stage package. It's not only about your body, about the stage presence, is about the hair, the makeup, skin, tan, bikini suit, heels,'s the whole package you bring there.
So hopefully I will bring a better version of myself and win a pro card within the next months.


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