Nicole Wolf - IFBB Figure Pro

* A new IFBB Pro Figure competitor, and overall champion of the 2017 USA Championships

Nicole: I have always been an athlete my whole life, and someone who likes a challenge and to push myself. So, as I got older I wanted to find another way to do this. I started following many figure competitors and admired their physiques. I told myself I WILL do that and become pro one day. Finally that dream came true. I did four shows, three of which I placed first and two of them I took the overall. I then decided to try my first national show. I picked the USA's which is known as the most prestigious national show. I took home Figure class D champion and overall champion and winning my pro card.

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Competition prep

My diet is very strict in contest prep. I weigh everything to ensure I am hitting my appropriate macros to meet my goals. In my off season I still track my food, I like to not have to completely start over every season and make sure I'm eating enough to build the muscle I need before I start cutting. I did try keto this season and that worked very well for my physique!

The IIFYM (if it fits your macros) plan is a great way to diet without the misery of eating the same stuff, which drives many people crazy. BUT, with me I actually enjoy the structure of eating the same foods and keeping it simple. If not I usually tend to just crave more things I shouldn't. It's a great way to meet goals and have flexibility though!

I lift and cardio daily, but diet is 100% key to the success of my physique. I meal prep once a week to make sure that I have no room for error or excuses to not have what I need when I need it all week long. My lifting is heavy and usually 45min to a hour at most daily. Towards the end of prep my cardio increases a lot to get to that lean state figure requires

On stage

I danced my whole life so the stage was something I always felt comfortable with. When you step on that stage you usually get about 10 seconds to show those judges why your physique is the best. Those 10 seconds are the absolute happiest moments for me. I feel completely myself and love showing my hard and passion for this sport.

I would have to share my experience at the usas this weekend. I went into that show wanting my pro card more than anything. My last 10 months of prep lead me to that moment and I was completely in shock when I not only got my pro card but won the overall figure title of the entire show. I was surrounded by the best physiques I have ever seen, so to have the blessing of being awarded with the overall was the most amazing moment of my career.

Life as an athlete: It takes up a lot of time, but it shows my daughter and many people around me that you should never let anyone decide for you what your dreams should be. If you want something go until it's yours, it won't always be easy but it will be worth it.

I plan to take the next 6 months to build as much muscle as I can before I start prep for some pro shows nect year. I hope to be at Olympia with the best in the world and women I admire within the next year.

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