Nicole Janveaux, Physique Competitor

Nicole: I started lifting weights would you believe 13 years ago. I was in my early 20's and hit a depression. I had a hard time getting out of bed and having motivation to do anything. I gained over 30lbs, which is alot on a 4'11" frame. I knew I needed to change something so started forcing myself to get into the local gym. I found myself researching workouts and couldn't wait for the next day to get back in the gym. I put on muscle and lost the weight fairly quickly. From then on it was an addiction!! I made myself a promise that I would get up on stage before I turned 35 so hit the stage at the Western Canadian Bodybuilding Championships and won 1st place for Women's Bodybuilding.

My diet is very clean on and off season. I am a hard gainer and have always been very petite. The only way I am able to put on muscle is to eat clean. The large difference is that remove the extras and snacks during competition prep. 5 meals a day no snacking in between - Oh and I lose the peanut butter :(

For me my overall health is very important. I do not like the "crash" dieting as I find you lose too much muscle mass and it's very hard on your system. I prefer to diet over a longer period on time right now I have been dieting for 20 weeks and still have 5 to go before my next show! The results are great and work well for me. My diet has barely changed since starting and I am still eating lots of carbs and will continue to do so right up until my competition. I have been able to actually increase my strength and muscle while dieting this time.

Supplements - I take creatine, glutamine and bcaas regularity. I use iForce Nutrition HemaVol product as my preworkout as I have found it works the best for me.

I go on a training split about 14 weeks away from competition, and start dieting about 25 weeks out. I did not need to add any cardio in until 9 weeks out because of my diet.

As for future plans - I will be competing in IFBB International Events Qualifier (world qualifier) August 9th for Women's Physique as part of Team BC. I hope to get my pro card and one day make it to the Olympia Stage.

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Nicole Janveaux

Nicole Janveaux