Nicole Deanna - Bikini Competitor

I started in the gym after an injury prohibited me from playing varsity soccer. Competing gave me an outlet that expressed both my creative background in dance and performance as well as my athletic background.

I use if it fits your macros (iifym) during both contest prep and off season! This helps maintain a healthy relationship with food throughout prep and post show! The only changes during my off season are weekly ďrefeedĒ meals and implemented into my diet. I found I had the worst experiences with really strict diet plans that allowed no flexibility. I had a horrible post show rebound after my first show.

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Little snippet of my individual routine. When it comes to presentation, this is the place that can really make or break a physique. Iíve seen lots of girls with amazing physiques in person and on social media but were unable to present it on stage resulting in a lower placing than anticipated. Your posing routine should reflect your personality while playing up your strong features (with a hint of Beyonc? as @alleyraymond would say). Even your walk in judged on stage! Donít fall into the trap of just doing what everyone else is doing. There are always improvements to be made, ready to clean this routine up a bit ?? #hizachjustchillingintheback

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I think my dance background and experience definitely helps me greatly on stage! And practice!!!! I practice everyday and ask my clients to do the same! The more you practice the more comfortable you get :)

I train 6 days a week with one rest day! My split is geared towards the bikini overall look; Iím currently training shoulders and glutes twice a week and back and arms once! I stick to steady state cardio as it allows me to recover quicker than HIIT training when in a caloric deficit.

I loved every aspect of the last show I did. Not only did my boyfriend and I both competed together but we also had 8 clients who all killed their classes with everyone placing in the top 5 @evlathletics

Iíve been an athlete since I can remember! I used to play competitive soccer, volleyball, baseball and boxing; I find I have more drive, focus and structure in every aspect of my life while in contest prep!

My currently plans are to build up my glutes, hamstrings and shoulders and will be competing in a pro qualifier show in the fall!


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