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Nicole: I got started in fitness when I saw myself becoming slightly chubby when I was 18. The women in my family are all over weight and suffering from either hypertension, high cholesterol levels and Diabetes. So I started a gym membership and I also started to do lots of research and reading about Nutrition and how the body works and Training Programs etc. I started to visit online sites like BodyBuilding.Com and Muscular to watch Fitness Routines. At that time I was Tanji Johnson's biggest fan and I became really interested in competing and I did my first local show in my country Barbados (The island fitness pageant in 2003).

My metabolism isnít fast at all so I store fat easily and lose fat slowly. So in the off season I follow a diet that is moderate in protein, moderate in carbs and a small amount of fat. So my ratios are about 4:4:2 (Carbs, Protein, Fats). So the types of foods I would consume at this time would be bananas, yogurts, almonds, salmon, oats, sweet potatoes, bill fish (among other types), whole eggs and variety of vegetables. I donít eat meat just fish so in my off season I may also eat vegan and vegetarian burgers. In the on season I consume almost no fats and little carbs and high protein so I mostly have tilapia fish, egg whites, zero fat cottage cheese , grapefruits and maybe some Brown Rice and off course some Broccoli. In terms of Supplementation, to be honest I'm not really big on supplementation I just use protein Powders, creatine, BCAA (branch chain aminos), glutamine, chromium among a few others.

Losing fat and building muscle is specific to one's body type. But at the same time some basic rules apply I believe. Carbs should be high, fats moderate to moderately high and with some body types they donít need even moderate fats to grow. In terms of protein AGAIN that depends on body type, gender and weight and if you're in your on and off season just as the other macro nutrients amount depend on the same variables.

As a certified fitness nutrition coach I know that food is most important and I teach this to my many clients. So when it comes to dieting fat burners I donít endorse. And I donít use any either.

I have a slow metabolism so to maintain a relatively low body fat I keep my training intensity up and employ a lot of methods and training systems that allow very little rest during the training session. I love to experiment with movements and different angles and techniques that can be applied to each movement.

My mum died of bone cancer less than 2 months ago and so I need to allow myself proper grieving time before I can commit to a show but I do plan to continue to compete as a physique Pro. I believe one day soon I can dominate my sport and someday be on the Olympia stage.

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Nicole Carter

Nicole Carter

Nicole Carter