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My Name is Nathalee Thompson, I am 41 years old and have been competing for the past 6 years. Before I started competing, I was on a post baby weight loss journey. This is when I met a group of women who were involved in the fitness industry, introducing me to it. Being a retired soccer player, I was bored with my lack of physical activity. At that time I was a very active mom but never took the time out for myself and my physical well-being. Becoming active in the gym and enjoying the weight loss journey I was on, the fitness industry became very appealing.

My diet prior to entering the completion world was 3 meals a day, snacks in between which included a lot of junk and no structure. I have tried a number of diets and the one that seemingly works best for my physique is a very low/no carb diet. I have 6 meals a day with lots of water. It is not my favorite but it is for a short period of time which I find is easy to manage keeping that in mind. At this point in the game my diet has gotten easier to maintain. I can’t really say that any particular diet has failed me, some just work better than others. What I love about my competition diet is that I have structure. I typically know when I need to refuel and I know exactly what I am eating as I prep my meals 2-3 times a week, making my life during the process so much more bearable.

The components of my training schedule are I train 1 body part a week and double up on my areas of focus to 2 days a week. I incorporate cardio into my program; the amount of time on cardio depends on what my physique looks and the changes that have been made. It could range from a 20 minute HIIT to a 2 times 1 hour sessions a day. There is not much to balancing my training with my diet. I eat around my training and train around my eating.

Confidence to compete: Haha…how did I get the confidence to get up on stage? Well…’s called WINE!!! The more I compete the more confidence I gain but I still have my swig of wine right before I get on stage to take any lingering edge off.

I often look back to the prep and days leading up to the CBBF Nationals in Edmonton where I attained my pro card. I remember feeling lost in the venue, not that I didn’t know where I was going but that I was unsure of what to expect. Members from the OPA greeted me once I got there, I saw one of our OPA judges (which was a breath of fresh air as he was one of the few recognizable faces that I saw). With his words of encouragement I was able to breathe easy. My daughter and I sat in registration for what felt like hours, I was thirsty, depleted, hot, hungry and most importantly, ready to step on stage.
The next morning as I prepped for “showtime” I knew in my heart that I was “READY”. Gracing the stage and winning my pro card was such a gratifying feeling, having my daughter and cousin there with me made it that much sweeter. That call to my coach was so emotional for me. He knew that this show meant a lot to me for many reasons. The year prior I was caring for my dying sister who I lost 7 months prior from cancer. My drive was to win that show for her as she was one of my biggest supporters.

This year I will do the Toronto Pro Supershow, I typically plan one show at a time and focus solely on that show. I am looking forward to it as it is my second go in Toronto. Nothing nicer than competing at home as it gives those who are near and dear to me, the opportunity to see the final package after months of prep.

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