Natasha Novak - IFBB Figure Pro

*IFBB Amateur Olympia Figure Champ 2018
*NABBA Ms Universe 2017
*NABBA Ms England 2017

Someone in my local gym asked me had I ever thought about competing as I had great structure for it, so I looked into it and decided to give it a go my first show being oca Manchester in toned figure last September 2017 I then went on to do nabba England which I won 2 weeks later then onto nabba universe 3 weeks after that and won miss universe toned figure 2017 then in October this year I entered 2bros amateur Olympia and walked away with my IFBB pro figure title.

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#throwbackthursday October 2017 - October 2018 Miss England, Miss Universe & IFBB Figure Pro ???? - 5 months prior to Nabba England 2017, somebody told me it would be 18 months until i would be show ready.. that right there was when the fire was lit ?? - i had a mission, that being said never in this world did i expect that just under 18 month later i would have all 3 of the above titles under my belt ???? - Dream BIG, work HARDER and never let anyone dampen your shine ?? Best of luck to everybody competing at the Nabba Universe this weekend & i am super excited to see who takes the toned figure crown this year ?? #bodybuilding #figure #nabba #missuniverse #ifbb #proleague #prep #diet #fitness #gym #femalemuscle #positive #genetics #goals #motivated #lsrfamily2018 #winningtan #fitfam #training #muscle #newgoals #toned #aesthetic #gymrat #girlswholift

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My calories increase ALOT although this year is my first proper offseason following a strict diet and training plan. I find prep works best for me 6 meals a day high carbs and high calories still with liss cardio. I had a previous prep coach who put my diets mainly proteins and fats which my body doesn't react well to. I train 4 days a week in offseason with 3 rest day, foods are higher on training days but not much difference on rest days to be honest. Not at the moment anyways, I keep cardio in during offseason just to try keep things getting to sloppy.

I was a dancer from a young age so it comes natural I think.
Amateur Olympia was my first shot at entry to the pro league I knew the standard was going to be a lot higher than previous shows I had entered, on registration it was so quick in get your badge and that was it. I was abit taken back like what do I do where do I go tomorrow, what time do I have to be here.. we were told simply be backstage for 11am as simple as that, stood backstage waiting to go on I remember looking at the other female competitors and thinking I do not stand a chance here. The girls all seemed so much bigger than I was with a lot more muscle but I guess once you're backstage you can't see your own physique only those in front of you so you begin to doubt yourself. Prejudging was daunting I was on the far left of the line up and was made to switch to centre stage which I kept for the rest of the call outs. I then began to relax a little as I thought centre stage I've got a shot at this, when it came to results and they called my name I have never been happier just that build up waiting for you number to be called.

Being an athlete has a total effect on your life, it becomes your life. It has an effect on relationships, social events literally everything but it is what you make it you don't have to halt your life because of it you just incorporate it

Future plan is to now grow and bring a physique that is worthy of taking to the pro stage.


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