Natalia Fumero - Bikini Competitor

I decided I wanted to step on stage to give myself an extra push and a new outlook on my fitness goals. I made this decision in my head about 6 months ago but I really made it official a month ago.

My diet for the past 4 months has been strictly tracked but not completely restrictive in any other form outside of calories. My meals were always bellow 350 and I always stayed on the high carb-protein and low fat kinds of plans. I had previously done a fully paid out plan where I basically ate the same exact things every day but I just felt like my taste was fading and I was just sad all the time so I abandoned that idea quickly. However, I kept eating 6 meals in a day which ultimately helped me with protein absorption all the way till end of peek week! This was a 12 week challenge that I paid to join and even though I was the only person who stuck till the end I never received the promised money.

Natalia Fumero

Working up my confidence was a huge reason WHY I decided to compete. Trying to fill in the shoes of people I always admired I had to grow my character. I did lots of self-help books at first, started to really value my alone time and love myself much more overall to the point where I felt like I deserved my place in the world and capable of shining anywhere I went! About 6 weeks before the show I was brushing up every part of my body regularly: Quads, Chest, Back, Hamstrings, Shoulders, Arms and my cardio was at 20-30 mins 4 days of the week but that increased 3 weeks prior to the show and training changed almost every week leading up to really only center around lower body, abs and shoulders with an occasional arms. This was really to accomplish a look I desired but only because I was on a time crunch and cut my calories a bit fast. I might have done it differently knowing what I know now.

The Hoosier flex was my most recent show (and only one so far). The whole thing was quite hectic and I’m personally a highly critical/organized person so it drove me a bit crazy. Prejudging was incredibly nerve-racking for me because not much happened other than holding poses like statues. Even though the nerves had even more time to pile up for Finals I absolutely loved expressing myself on stage. The best part of the experience was meeting other women who understood the hardships and were in love with putting work on themselves.

Being an athlete makes me really have my priorities in place. I admire hard-work and respect everyone who displays themselves at their best therefore I hold myself to the highest standards as well. I would say eating and social gatherings are not like a regular person, especially for someone who’s in college like me but the “regular” person can be different for different readers. All I know I wake up with purpose and go to bed grateful and motivated and that’s more than enough for me to feel accomplished.

In the future I hope to keep improving my physique and do a few more shows. I loved the NPC but I would love to do themed shows like the WBFF one day. More importantly, in the near future I hope to turn more to coaching. The part I loved the most about this experience was the planning!


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