Natalia Dichkovskaya - Physique Competitor

In school years, I got a magazine with pictures of bodybuilders. I was very interested and surprised where such people live? Until my 20 years, the gyms, if there were, then in very small quantities and most likely underground. Only in 24 years I managed to get to the gym for the first time and realized that the bodies I saw in the magazine are doing here. I was dragged out by training, after a year I already wanted to perform. I found the trainer and it began ... Next was the goal to get all the titles and become a trainer

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Previously, the diet was an integral part of the preparation. But not now. Of course, for so many years of performances, gastronomic habits have changed radically, but I still love milk chocolate, cinnamon rolls, cakes and pies. And before preparing I eat the same, including sweets. The difference is only in the total number of calories per day. The only difference is that in the recruitment and in the preparatory preparation, I eat more protein foods and increase the number of amino acid intakes to preserve their volumes.

Weight loss is not about diet, but how many calories we can spend per day. That's where fat burners come to the rescueő Different diets act on everyone in different ways, a carbohydrate-free diet once worked, but it never helped me anymore

Cardio has been always done, but not in the last preparation, my volumes were already small, and I was dry three months before the start. I try to train hard and more than I am sure that muscles grow with large weight loads. I always tried to do such hard training even when I was on a diet.

I'm still scared of the scene. I thought it would pass, but no. My fear comes everytime I go out on each stage.

I went to the World Championship with the confidence that I would be the first. This time I really liked my body. It gave me confidence in my championship. I didn’t even consider my rivals, it was just not interesting, I knew that I was the best. But the fact that I became the Absolute World Champion was a surprise!

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Sport has completely changed my life, I have become stronger than other women, no matter how old, healthier, more enduring, and I look different in my age than my peers. My marital status also owes this sport. My current husband was a judge in the competitions in which I participated.


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