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My journey began when I was 22. I been brought up by a gym as my dad has owned one for many years. I got in to bodybuilding 3 years ago, I have always been into fitness and having some sort of routine and structure to my day. When I first started training properly I notice my physic change and thatís what really motivated me. Till this day bodybuilding has become part of my life and not just a hobby. Its something I thrive off and it keeps me happy. I started off as a bikini competitor however I transformed to Body fitness as a bikini competitor physic I was too lean for and had more muscle than required for a bikini. My body composition was more of a body fitness physic, which is the category I compete at now. For the first year of competing as body fitness I placed every time and qualified for the Arnolds Classic Europe 2016 where I placed 6th and the IFBB Diamond Cup 2016 where I placed 5th.

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Diet off-season vs. pre-contest

Luckily I can consume more foods then most people during prep. I have always been able to get the really lean, dry look while eating a fair amount compared to some competitors. My coach always says to me ĎNance I donít know how you do it, you eat more foods than most bodybuildersí. In my offseason I managed to get my calories up to 5,500kcal a day with about 650g carbs. The thing is I never get full so Itís a good sense when being in offseason however when prepping I do struggle as Iím always hungry. I could be on 10,000Kcals a day and still wouldnít get full. I have always been a big eater but luckily I train my socks off for it so I make good use in burning the calories. The most effective which works best for me is eating more carbs than fats, I do have my carbs still relatively high in the pre-contest season as my body reacts well with them as I know for most competitors they will replace most of their carbs with fats.

In my offseason I still follow a plan as I like to have a structure and to be mentally focused. I keep my calories in a surplus to allow me to build muscle.

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I have only been with one coach throughout my offseason prep and contest prep. I know one plan donít fit all. It's all about trial and error. I have always stuck to tracking macros as this works perfectly for me.


My routine spilt that works for me is push, pull, legs. Push days I train chest, shoulders and tris. Pull days is back, bis, traps and rear delts and Legs I train quads and glutes and hamstrings, calves and glutes. I train weights x6 days a week and fasted cardio varies throughout the year depending on if Iím competing or in offseason. I still keep cardio minimal in offseason just for health benefits. I balance my nutrition with my training by prepping my meals for a couple of days as this enables me to stay on track. Its part of my lifestyle now so I donít really think about prepping as boring I just get on with it.

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On stage

I built confidence by practicing, practicing posing, the more shows I take part in the more confidence and experience I get from it. Also knowing that I have put everything in to my prep I feel confident and excited to show off what I have achieved.

I had an amazing experience competing at the Arnolds Classic Europe 2016 where I placed 6th. This was a fantastic opportunity to be on stage with the best. It was such a good experience meeting other athletes from around the world. Iím excited to have many more opportunities like this, this year. Hoping to better myself every time I step on stage. I really like competing internationally as every step is more practice and another step closer to my goal.

Being an athlete is something that I love. I have a huge passion for bodybuilding and for it to become part of my life is something I am very grateful for.

Future plans: I would love to earn myself a pro card one day and to compete against the best in the world and getting an invite to be on the Olympia stage would be my dream. I will do whatever it takes to be with the pros and will continue to put in 110% in everything I do through training and diet.

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