Naera Johnson - Physique Competitor

Naera: I had been in the fitness industry for many years part time as a group exercise instructor, teaching Step, Kick fit and various other Group Classes. At the age of 39 years I had my 40th birthday approaching and because I had been instructing for 10 years plus, I was not seeing the changes I wanted in my body. I started with a personal trainer, as I had until that time only messed around with weights. I wanted to look hot for my 40th birthday and so weight trained 3 times per week and dieted as well as my group exercise classes. I loved the way that this training changed my shape and gave me muscle definition. I continued to train after my 40th until I competed in my first show just after my 41st birthday in Novice Physique in an INBA competition and won.. This was the start of my journey.

My off season diet is very similar to my pre contest food. Over the years I have established that my body works more efficiently with a lower level of Carbohydrates and higher fat content. I find the higher fat keeps me feeling full and doesn't bloat me the same as Carbs. I also don't feel any loss of energy. So off season of course I allow myself to add sauces and dressings and some carbs and dairy products.
I don't really count calories, but I would say that I am having approx 1600 cals per day. I normally have 6 meals and allow 150-200g Protein for my meals through the day. Breakfast protein is in the form of egg whites or protein powder as is my last meal of the day.

Unsuccessful diet - I have been on low calorie diets with a lot of Cardio and although this got me lean, I also lost muscle.

Supplements - I suffer from an underactive thyroid condition which I have been taking medication for since my early 20's. So weight loss can be a struggle at times, I try to avoid fat burners, however I will put them in for 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off. At the moment I am using Alphamine which is in powder form and mixed with water.

Training - I weight train 5 days per week and usually one body part per training session. Being a personal trainer I don't have regular training times it is when I can fit my training in around my clients. So I can be training any time from 5am through to 8pm on any given day. I leave home with all my meals for the day depending on when my last client is or my training.

I am currently 10 weeks out from competing in the NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Championships in Auckland NZ. I aim to qualify for the WFF Worlds in November to be held in Australia this year. I will compete in Women's Physique as I wish to promote this class to women as it is growing smaller in numbers. I am in my 50's now and also stand on stage to inspire women of my age to continue to train and be healthy and fit..

Naera J Johnson
Champion Training Champions
3 x Ms NZ Physique
2 x Ms Pan Pacific Overall Figure
Ms World Physique 2008
Ms Universe Physique Runner up 2006
M - 021 2603652
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Naera Johnson

Naera Johnson

* Photo courtesy of Paul McSweeney / Wellington, New Zealand *