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So I had no idea that I was going to end up on the stage one day. I turned to bodybuilding as a form of therapy after going through a very tragic breakup. After spending endless nights crying myself to sleep and either over or under eating I decided to redirect my energy into something that would help me become emotionally and physically stronger. I started training and training hard. As I lifted heavy weights and pushed through some of the most intense workouts I had ever done in my life, Iíd look into the mirror and say, ďYou are strong, you can handle anything.Ē Training became my therapy, helped me develop self-worth and self-love. It helped me understand that pain is temporary. I really donít know where I would be without it today.

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The biggest changes in off-season to pre-contest diet are my carb intake and frequency of cheat meals. During off season I drastically increase my carb intake so I can lift heavier and my muscles can grow. Iíll have 50g of carbs for four meals a day 7 days a week, whereas when I am on contest prep Iíll carb cycle and eventually completely eliminate carbs and only consume proteins and fats. When it comes to the cheat meals, during off season I have 3 cheats a week; in contest prep I have one cheat meal a week. However, for my next competition I am going to try to only have cheat meals when my body needs them. Cheat meals are for mental support, I want to get to a point where I am no longer having cheat meals to sane and only to refeed my muscles when they need it most. I hate the fluctuation in weight that happens with my cheat meals.

The Mets was my first competition, some of things that I will do differently for the next one is manipulate my salt intake differently and include more fats. As we know, salt really shouldnít be removed or manipulated until a few days before the competition. I omitted salt from my diet WAY too soon. I believe this had something to do with my flat appearance. Healthy fats are essential to fat burning, I donít think I had enough fats in diet and when I did choose to add them I donít think it worked in my favor since I was so close to the show time.

My training program varies depending on where I am in contest prep. In the beginning of contest prep I focus on lifting, and lifting heavy. My daily meal plan will include about 250g of carbs, 64-80g or fat, and 175-210g of protein a day to support the lifting I am going. I will do as30 minute HIIT or steady state runs a week; these are just to assure my body fat remains low while I am consuming additional calories to get my gains.
As I get further into contest prep, carbs decrease and cardio increases. I will add fasted cardio to my regimen and do up to 90 mins of cardio a day. That's when I start looking RIPPED!!!! ;)

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Building the confidence to strut on the stage was extremely difficult! I did so by being consistent. I practiced my posing over and over again, even while standing in the subway waiting for the train. It took me a LONG time to get posing down because I kind of a stiff girl lol. When I have photo shoots I tell the photographer, listen I am presenting you with this beautiful body, you move me how you want me. Without direction, my body moves like a robot so you can only imagine how difficult it was for me to make flexing my muscles look effortless! However, I eventually reached the point where I became confident and was ready to show the judges my hard work.

Contest experience: OMG! As I walked up to the hotel, an overwhelming amount of emotions took over me. My mood fluctuated a lot. I would go from being excited to walk on the stage to feeling intimidated by my competition. I thought back to nights where I had an extra tablespoon of peanut butter, days that I skipped cardio. These thoughts taught me that I will never let anything stop me from doing everything perfectly on my prep. Nothing will stop me from being a robot because I don't want to have any regrets if I don't take first place. My mind has to be just as strong as my body, if not stronger, in order for me to be number one.

Being an athlete means I am always in contest prep, I have a new lifestyle! My meals and training vary depending on what my goals are, but the work never stops. The transformation happens because of consistency, so I am consistently training hard and eating clean. I don't stay out late or drink as often as I use to. I do get a lot more massages, haha. Someone might ďask when do you have fun?!Ē My response is every day, because I love this lifestyle. It helps me become emotionally and physically stronger. I love the body I've created and am addicted to bodybuilding so this is my fun. I reward myself with a drink or night out after making A LOT of progress. When I do drink now, my drink of choice is Bulleit Bourbon neat! ;) No sugary stuff.

I am spending the next ten weeks getting them gains!!!! I will then begin a 12 week prep for a show in either September or October. So follow me and stay tuned to see how my muscles develop!!! :)

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