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Nadia: I didnít have this huge epiphany that created this dramatic mind blowing dream I literally just walked into this world wanted to impress a boy and was so intrigued I knew I had to learn more, be more, be better. I went to the gym a couple times with some friends and realized I donít want to be one of those little girls that just follows her friends around the gym and doesnít do anything so I secretly joined my own gym and worked my butt off in the shadows till I realized that I actually started to be obsessed and saying that in the most positive way possible. I loved the feeling of the gym, the before, the during the after. It was just an incredible feeling and I slowly but surely learned more, did my research, went through a lot of trial and error and boom here I am proud to be a part of something bigger than myself and something as wonderful as bodybuilding.

Off season vs. pre contest: Diet wise not a lot changes actually. Of course I would like to say for the serious athlete there is no ďoff seasonĒ but when Iím not full on prep mode macros play a large role. I will still eat the same number of meals (5-6 a day) but vary my food sources. For example, Iíll eat oats one day and maybe ezekiel bread the next but keep the total macros roughly the same. I donít have a ďcheat mealĒ every week or every Sunday I just donít believe that one rule applies to everyone. My only ďcheat mealsĒ are obviously post show or when I believe I deserve it. I think the key to a successful ďoff seasonĒ is to have purpose and be mindful. Enjoy your food and definitely enjoy your workouts with all that energy youíll be intaking itís important to put those nutrients to good use so that when it's no longer ďoff seasonĒ you can chisel away at the greatness you created. Now on prep, no excuses I eat whatever my trainers tell me to eat. Typically specified carbs at certain times of the day and measured perfectly. Food sources will vary I may or may not eat red meat at the beginning but mined need it towards the end or might have to add or decrease carbs daily itís very particular and keeping a positive and open mind will definitely aid in your success and craziness.

My diet plans have definitely changed a lot from when I first grew this passion for bodybuilding before deciding to compete I went through a lot of trial and error with types of diets. For example, the much sought after IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) concept was fun and great but not nearly as effective for me. Yes there is some science behind the numbers aspect but I also very much value the natural nutrients and vitamins in wholesome food rather than seeing a donut as 42g of carbs so I can eat that instead of my rice or potatoes. Like eventually your body isnít going to progress or not as quickly which in the end wasted time is not something that is an option for me so I like to stick to the old school good for you route with maybe an occasional treat not ďcheat mealĒ but something that can more for my mental state keep me at ease.

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My training program for this current prep and even my off season are fairly similar. I do not put a lot of stress on cardio but more focus on the components of my lifting when it comes to specific exercises, reps and sets. Drop sets and super sets are just a personal favorite of mine. I donít like spending hours in the gym so I really strive for efficiency which in this current prep contains higher reps to dial in that conditioning so whatever my coaches feel I need to work on more or less thatís what I do. The key is to adapt your body will never stay the same and neither will your training.

Self confidence - now thatís a tough one. To be honest competitors are very rarely confident in themselves or not me at least. I am not a confident individual I never have been. Growing up I was watched and told not to get fat and pressured to live up to this image that was engraved in my head and especially with all the social media floating around and all the perfect physiques itís hard to look in the mirror and smile sometimes. But knowing that I do put in 110% day in and day out is what builds my confidence, to know that everyday up until I step on that stage I worked my butt off and sacrificed a lot to get there, thatís what enables me to strut my stuff on that stage and show off all the hard work Iíve done.

My favorite experience competing was definitely my first show. I started in bikini of course but had no expectations or anything all the way up until I stepped on stage. I enjoyed the entire experience even though the entire experience checking in and getting there was stressful beyond belief. I had to drive four hours down south, finally made it to my coaches house at 3am, slept two hours, woke up for tanning/hair/makeup/posing, checked in almost late at the convention center and thankfully there on out it was smooth sailing. I decided to compete in just the open class for bikini versus just novice like most new competitors might do but ended up placing 2nd nationally qualifying in my first show ever. It was by far one of the best feelings and moments of my life sparking an even bigger fire in me to just keep striving for greatness.

My future holds more than I can imagine nor wait for. I am finishing up my degree in Sport and Exercise Science so I can then receive my doctorate and my end goal and dream career in life is to be a Chiropractor specializing in athletes. Someone like Jimmy Bluff is my career role model. Never in a million years did I think this would be the career I would want for myself as I grew up my whole life admiring the corporate life. I actually envied the suits and heels and desks until I did all that, made a lot of money and still was not happy. Competing though no I do not plan on competing forever maybe a few more years but I believe in my heart having a family to carry on my passion and legacy as hopefully the best mother and role model for my future children ideally I do want four kids so thatís my future and plan. Bodybuilding comes first until my family arrives that is then a balance will definitely take place.

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