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Modesta: I have been actively involved in sports since I was 4 years old mainly playing soccer and basketball and also I enjoyed dancing. I continued this passion through my early years in Lithuania up until I was 16 years old. My parents moved to Denmark around that time and 2 years later I moved to Denmark to study. I initially thought I would only reside in Denmark for studies and then return back to Lithuania. But I found myself enjoying the country so much that I decided to stay.

When I was 22 years old I joined a gym and mostly went to classes like Thai-boxing, zumba, toning etc. A while later I found Nicolai on facebook. I contacted him for advice regarding which exercises I should perform and which dietary supplements I should be taking in order to get the most out of my training routine. We met so he could show me how to correctly perform the exercises. We had good chemistry and fell for each other pretty soon after our workouts together. Before meeting my ex-husband, I had no idea, that I had never pushed myself to my maximum potential when working out. I believed that when my muscles started to hurt, it meant that I had given it all my strength and it was time to stop. But I was wrong. As soon as my ex-husband started pushing me to the max I started seeing result rapidly. Slowly but surely I developed an addiction to bodybuilding. Now bodybuilding is a huge part of my life and I cannot imagine my life without it. My intention is to give every ifbb competition my best effort and fulfil my potential as much as possible.

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On my off-season I get 3500kcal per day. I eat lean meat (chicken breast, beef, turkey, fish), rice, potatoes, vegetables, eggs, peanut butter, skyr and of course I drink protein shakes.
On my pre-contest diet I get 1800kcal per day. My diet consists of lean meat, vegetables, rice (once a day), egg whites and protein shakes. I hold strict to the same diet plan before every competition. But I can see and feel that my pre-contest diet needs some changes, because I wasn't satisfied with my competition shape at my last two competitions.

On my off-season I work out 7 times a week (only weight training):
Monday: Delts + upper chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Biceps + triceps
Thursday: Glutes + hamstrings
Friday: Delts
Saturday: Quads + calves
Sunday: Biceps
My biceps and delts are my weak points so I'm working on them twice a week.
On my pre-contest season I work out 14 times a week (7x morning cardio and 7x weight training).

Building self-confidence: I can say that I grew up on stage. I've been dancing since I was 4 years old, so I do not have a stage fright :)

My last competition (Loaded Cup in Bochum) was really tough. Almost all my competitors were ex female bodybuilders. I got really nervous when I met them at the Athlete Check-in. I was lucky enough to get to the finals, because we were only 6 ladies at Women's Physique +163 category. But unfortunately I've placed 6th. It wasn't my best performance. I looked pretty soft, although I followed my strict diet plan as I always do. I think I've got a bit bloated because of stress which I got during long and quite ugly divorce process.
But anyway I had a great time with a lot of amazing athletes backstage!

Future plans: To get a PRO card and compete at PRO competitios, and who knows maybe get to Mr. Olympia.

Modesta Halby
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