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I have been into fitness and staying active ever since I was a kid. When I started law school, I began to lift weights because it was a way to release stress and anxiety before exams. I really became interested in doing a bikini competition when I saw the physical changes happening to my body, but I never thought I could do it and didnít know where to start. I ended up meeting a trainer in December 2015 and he became my trainer. He helped me with everything and really helped me succeed. I did my first competition in June 2016. I am going to compete in October 2016.

Off-season I really eat whatever I want, but I am a healthy eater by nature. However, if I want to ďcheatĒ I will without regret. I think everything in moderation is key. Pre-contest I am very strict, I only eat chicken or fish, sweet potato, green vegetable, and olive oil. Itís not fun, but it gets the job done. I will also eat 6 meals a day. The food sources and measurements will fluctuate depending on how my body looks the next day.

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I train with free weights (barbells and dumbbells with some cable) and do about 20 min of cardio. Nothing extreme.

For me, competing changed my life. I really mean that. I used to go to dinner and have a drink or more with every meal. I didnít think I had the determination to stop drinking for 6 weeks. I did it though. Because of this, when I go to dinner now I donít feel the need to have a drink. The competition was the first time I had to do something that I was afraid to do completely sober. I really felt I put in the hard work and it showed from my body. My physique gave me the confidence to strut on stage.

During my first bikini competition I was very nervous because I wasnít sure what to expect. The check-in was at an off site location. Pre-judging they did not do comparisons which was surprising. Finals were fun because I was able to walk out on the stage alone.

I recently became a certified personal trainer. I am now training clients online and in person. I plan to pursue law, personal training, and will continue to compete until I feel the journey is over.

Contact info: mjjarafitness@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mj.jara.7
IG: @mjjarafitness

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