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My name is Missy Burks I and started competing 3 years ago. I worked out at this gym and was there twice a day 5 days a week because I loved working out. I decided to hire one of the guys as a trainer and he asked me if I'd like to do a show with him. I did and I got 3rd and then I was hooked!

When it comes to my diet, my calories fluctuate over time with a reduction in calories and manipulation of macros as I get closer to a competition. I donít have a set diet, as my coach monitors where my body is and adjusts from there.
I have tried many plans before I found my coach. None of them were awful, but peak week is usually tough. Working out wise my coach incorporates various protocols. I utilize HIIT, steady state cardio, metabolic conditioning and weights.

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Ever since I was a little girl I loved heels! And I was always competitive. I have always had confidence, so getting on stage was not intimidating to me. My first time I competed, I felt that was where I belonged.

When doing a competition the week before is full! Posing and eating everything just right, cutting the water and eating exactly on time are just a few of the things that take place. You must travel with all your meals for that day and the day of the competition. Upon arriving at the venue for athlete check inís, Everyone receives a number and a gift bag. Then it's time to spray tan, eat whatever food your coach tells you by the way the body is looking and responding and get a good nights sleep because it's always an early start for the ladies. I rarely sleep more than 4 hours the night before because I am so excited! Hair, make up and spray tan touch ups are early in the morning. We sit through a meeting at pre-judging and then we start the magic! When I go up I Smile, have a good time, remember how hard worked to be there and I show it off my hard earned package for the judges.

My future plans are to compete in the WBFF as in the Fitness Diva category. I worked very hard over the last 2 years building more muscle to move up into this category and I am very excited! I was Bikini before.

Please follow my Fitness and modeling journey on Instagram! My Fitness page is @missymburks and my modeling page is @missmarie_model.

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