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Background: Long story short, I used to be overweight and extremely unhealthy. Around six years ago I lost about 40 pounds and began my journey with weightlifting and bodybuilding style workouts. I fell in love with the gym and shortly after became a certified personal trainer. I found out about NPC Bikini competitions through Instagram around the same time and I was fascinated. I wanted to compete so bad but knew I was not ready. For years I just focused on lifting for fun, followed competitors on social media, studied posing, etc simply out of passion for the sport from afar. My goal for about five years now has been to compete. I finally stepped on stage for the first time this year and fell in love immediately. I've competed in two shows and placed in both. This past show I placed first in novice and open, earning a national qualification.

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My diet between off season and prep is actually quite similar. I am a vegan myself due to personal preference but I eat typically the same foods year round. Calories and macros may vary between person to person, but a high protein diet with moderate carbs and fat is crucial to not only building but preserving muscle. In off season I tend to have more calories for the building phase which means a higher quantity of carbs and fat whereas in prep carbs/fat slowly taper down. The lowest my carbs have ever been is about 50g and it was only for one single week prior to my peak week. My fats typically never drop below 30g at the very lowest since fat is crucial for hormones to function efficiently.

The carb cycling tactic does not work for me as I tend to end up over-indulging on "refeed" or higher carb days. I also do not prefer meal plans as it tends to become boring and tedious.

Self-confidence: Practice, practice, practice! I practiced posing on and off for a couple years before I was in prep. Once prep started, I practiced almost every day. It helped to practice at the gym in front of strangers as well. I am also a big believer in having a positive mindset and self-love talk.

Training: I am on a push/pull/leg split with a lower body hypertrophy focused plan. This means I hit legs 2/3x a week with the goal of maintaining or increasing muscle mass - specifically the posterior. I hit upper body 2x a week and do a push/pull split with arm accessory work mixed in. I utilize periodization, progressive overload, and a method called "RIR" or "reps in reverse". For cardio it is pretty minimal in off season. During prep we start small and slowly add in extra days or extra time to burn more as we go. I prefer to power walk on the treadmill (steady state cardio) or hike with my dogs!

Both times I competed I had an incredible experience. I've met so many amazing women! At my most recent contest - LA Championships in Culver City - I felt welcomed and encouraged; the event was well organized, the staff was kind, and it was overall pretty stress free.

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Nationally qualified bikini competitor? Who, me? ???? Ive never won a real trophy before but tonight I won two. ???? So exhausted, ecstatic, humbled, grateful, and at a loss for words. On that note it is time to sleep but a long post about show day, all of its beauty, and my next steps as a competitor will be coming soon. ?? Thanks @musclecontest for a day Ill remember forever. ??

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Being an athlete makes me a much better person! I have learned to become patient, organized, disciplined, and self-motivated. I also no longer procrastinate. These qualities carry over into my professional life and allow me to succeed. I work in the fitness industry as a manager and coach so being an athlete myself allows me to practice what I preach and inspire my clients. I am also able to see from a different point of view and better assist fellow athletes.

Future plans: Now that I have earned my national qualification I will be heading into an off-season, or as I prefer to call it, building season! I will be building for about eight months with the goal to add some muscle mass to the lower body. Early-mid 2020 I will begin another prep to compete on the national stage for a potential pro card. Like many other competitors, the overall goal is to become an IFBB pro! I am in this journey for the long-term and couldn't be more excited.

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