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My name is Miranda Goldring Iím from North Devon in England. Iím 38 years old, when I finished college I trained as a mental health nurse and still work part-time night shifts at my local hospital. In 2007 I decided to train as a fitness instructor and subsequently started up my own fitness business teaching pole, aerial and yoga, I have my very own gorgeous studio which has is practically my second home!

Iíve always been slim but over the years my body shape has significantly changed with all the pole and yoga that I do, and I have become much leaner and muscular. I wanted to gain more strength and work my legs more so last year I started at Cross-fit, and kind of got a bit hooked on the buzz of adding weight to my training and trained as a PT, I kind of fell into bodybuilding by accident, I remember reading an article about it in a magazine and was pleasantly surprised that there was different categories and you didnít have to be looking ridiculously muscly like a man (which is a general image for those who know nothing about female body building). I got thinkingÖ.Iím not far off that physiqueÖI could do that! Loving a new challenge and before I knew it I had signed up to Fit Factor castings. I thought at least then I would know one way or the other if I had any potential. I went along and got through, I had just a few weeks before the competition at Body Power to prepare. So then I started training more seriously and looking into my diet. It has all been a steep learning curve.

Working long hours night shifts and teaching classes I used to eat all kinds of junk and loved my cake and chocolate, my meals were very carb heavy and lacking in fruit and veg. Out of convenience I would just reach out for the quickest easiest option. Doing my Personal training made me take a long hard look at my poor diet and make some adjustments. The contents of my shopping trolley have certainly changed this last year. I still have my treats but just not daily! Off season I do eat normal meals and have a higher calorie intake so I can train to my full potential and make some gains. Whilst preparing for a competition I find it useful to track my calories in verses calories out and I adjust my macroís increasing my protein and decreasing my carbs to promote muscle growth and recovery and weight loss.

Being quite lean already I donít have a great deal of body fat to lose so Iím not too strict with my diet the weeks leading up to a comp, the week before I find is very important and a lot can change in that final week. I reduce my carb intake to about 100g daily and increase my water intake to about 4L daily then reduce water intake the day before and just have one drink on show day, and eat some carbs. My competition diet consists mainly of....porridge, omelettes, chicken & asparagus (or green beans/broccoli curly kale /spinach) if Iím having carbs then sweet potatoes or brown rice. Sugar free jelly and 0% Greek yoghurt. I snack on nuts. I also use protein shakes after my workouts to help recover and get all my daily protein requirement in.

Because I work long and irregular hours, teach daily, and attend Cross-fit (where I never know what we are doing till I turn up) Itís hard to have a fixed training schedule. I have weights at home and do my own workouts depending on which part of me isnít aching! My legs and gluts are my weakest part so I try to ensure I work these areas at least 3x a week. At the moment I love doing pyramid training with squats and deadlifts. I hate running but it is a must to get my cardio in the weeks before a comp to help burn body fat. I run about 2 miles daily or do hill sprints up and down the very steep road where I live, the neigbours must think Iím crazy!

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Being a pole dancer (not the stripper kind!) I live in hot pants and crop tops, so I donít feel self-conscious in wearing a bikini on stage. I have performed doing pole fitness numerous times on stage, in shows, at events and competitions so this has built up my stage confidence.
As a child I used to dance and do shows so itís something Iím familiar with and feel ok about. I still get nervous though! The whole posing thing was new to me and I didnít really have a clue! I attended a workshop to help with stage presence and poses, and had a 1:1. How you hold yourself can make a massive difference to how your body looks so itís important to get this right, know what youíre doing and be confident in it.

My last competition was for ĎUK Ultimate Physiquesí in the regional heats. It was a very friendly atmosphere, well organized competition and I really enjoyed taking part, very inspiring to see and meet all the other athletes it was a long day but good fun. I placed 3rd in my category for bikini fitness over 35ís and was invited to the Finals which are being held in November. So this is what Iím currently prepping for, I think Iíve made some positive gains since my last comp and hope to come back to the stage better and stronger.

After this comp, Iím going to relax my training and diet, enjoy xmas and allow my body to recover before the next season starts.

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