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I started competing in routine fitness when I was 19 years old. Before I competed in gymnastics and at the same time in cheerleading. I have always wanted to be muscular and athletic woman and in fitness I could combine both, routine and physique training. I changed into physique two years ago, because of my injuries and also the fact that I want to train heavy so my physique is more of that category.

Diet and Training

Basically the amount of protein stays the same. I eat 5-6 times a day and every meal includes 30-40g of protein. When Iím having my off-season I like to keep my eating otherwise more free. My work as a flight attendant makes me travel all the time so I eat lot of things that are easy to take with me. Tuna, protein powders and I eat lots of good fats like nuts.
I donít eat lot of carbs in off-season, itís protein and fats. Then while Iím dieting done itís no carbs and I also measure the fats then. I have found that the best way for me. My body works, Iím strong and I feel good.

Here is my off-season diet:

Egg whites, lecithin, peanut butter Chicken, salad, olive oil
Protein shake, berries, cashew nuts
Meat, salad, olive oil
Egg whites, lecithin, peanut butter
Protein shake, berries, cashew nuts

I have tried many different things, but I noticed that carbs donít work for me. I have to go down to low calories if I want to be in shape. I have competed many years and also when I did gymnastics I ate under 1000 kcal/day, so when I eat that amount that works for me.

Now when Iím on a diet I do 1 hour of cardio in the morning and after training. I lift 6 times a week.
When off-season I donít do cardio. So then I just lift.
I compete also in powerlifting so I do twice a week bench, once squat and one time deadlift. Iíll start my training with those heavy/technique moves and after that Iíll pump the muscle. So I combine physique and powerlifting training.
While on a diet my power levels donít normally go down and I like to keep my training as heavy as I can. Even though I might be tired but when I start to train I feel energetic. So my training stays almost all the time the same.

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On Stage

Self-confidence: I have always enjoyed performing and being on stage. I have been on stage since I was 8 years old, so that has never been an issue for me. I love to be there and especially posing my routine into music, thatís my thing.

I competed in Karina Nascimento classic this February. Before that show I had many feelings, should I still compete, am I motivated enough, is my physique good in this category. I felt really excited because I didnít compete last year at all.
Iím super happy that I did that show because it really gave me the answers to all of my questions.
The contest place was great, people and athletes really nice and I had great time.
Being on stage, talking to people and athletes, everything! This show motivated me to go on in physique and I canít wait to be on stage again.
I placed 6th in that show and got good feedback. That made me hungry and I really want to do well in the future.

Iím just getting ready for Mozolani pro and after that Iíll do Puerto Rico pro. In June I compete in the powerlifting Europeans and after that I havenít decided more yet.

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