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Competing was always a bucket list item for me, but I didnít get to take that plunge until after I had my little girl. When she was 2, I knew I wanted to be a better role model for her health and fitness wise, so the time was right to plunge into a prep!

My diet doesnít necessarily change off season other than my macros increasing. I try to keep the same habits I developed in prep. At the same time, I give myself grace. If there's a day that I HAVE TO HAVE the ice cream, I will eat it. My favorite diet plan is a Whole Foods diet. I have never felt so good in my life. I also tend to do better with planned refeeds and cheats. My metabolism thanks me.

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Show day is here! Stay tuned for a long sappy post because this means itís the end of my show season and beginning of off season starts tomorrow!! ??

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I think the confidence came with just knowing that I put in the work and nothing would change that. I tried my best every time and I had a plan that I followed. Just seeing my ďbeforeĒ picture and knowing how far I had come and knowing that my goal to develop healthier habits to get on stage was accomplished was enough for me.

I lift 5-6 days a week and steady state cardio 4 days, including 2 post workout sessions and 2 fasted on my off day. On season, I incorporated more HIIT. The most important factor in my life for dietary balance is to plan ahead. I meal prep ahead and just grab my food and go so all I have to worry about is my workout. Planning ahead has been the definite key to my diet. Iím never tempted to eat crap because Iím hungry since I have my food and know what and when I get to eat.

My last two shows were my first two. I made some amazing fit friends. I didnít go in with the mindset of winning, but I wanted to gauge how i liked it and have fun. The judges were amazing, staff were amazing, and I had so much fun. Safe to say that I am hooked and will be coming back next season hopefully for a trophy and NQ!

Being an athlete IS my whole life! Itís my passion and has encouraged me to take on other areas in my life that I didnít think I would ever get back to, education, nutrition, teaching my daughter about fitness and nutrition etc. I love that I get to wake up and look forward to the gym every day and I feel so blessed to have stumbled into this community.

Iím right in the middle of my off season right now and focusing on packing on some lean muscle with coach. My plan is to jump into a prep next summer or fall and I am really working on my goal to nationally qualify! In the meantime, Iím just envisioning the physique I want and doing miscellaneous modeling jobs as they present.

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