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Michelle: Competition stage...these can be the most intimidating or the most exciting words to cross one's mouth. Personally, I have felt both aspects of this as do most competitors. I was that awkward girl at the back of the gym class who never got picked to be on a sports team. Being an athlete was something I never dreamed I would be. I joined my gym in 2003 with the hopes of trying to lose some body fat that I had gained in university and to try to fit in with my friends. I soon grew to love the fitness world and eventually became a personal trainer and group fitness leader while working as a full time nurse. I began competing in November 2009 after watching in awe of several bodybuilding/fitness shows. I began with the bikini division but quickly realized that this category was not for me or my personality.

I took 4 years off to do some intense training and build muscle so that I would be able to step onto the figure stage. I did two shows in 2013 but did not place very high. I usually was around the 8th place mark so I quickly realized I needed to find a professional coach. At this point, I was in love with being on stage and the process so I did not give up. I hired a coach and in November 2014 I won my Figure Tall class! This placing was a ticket to Nationals, which I did do in July 2015. My last show was NB Provincial show in Nov 2015 which I placed third. Next show...November Provincials 2016!!

I usually start my contest prep at the 14 week out range with calories being anywhere from 1500-1700/day. Based upon my body fat loss and progress that may remain the same until peak week or decrease further. My off season diet is typically the same foods but with more allowance for flexibility and "cheat" meals. I have quickly discovered that it is much healthier for my body and my mind to not gain an extreme amount of body fat in the off season. When that occurs, I just have to work harder and diet harder. My diet is very simple and very easy to follow. I eat within 30 mins of waking up and continue to eat every 2.5-3.5 hrs with my last meal being an hour before bed. My grocery list includes spinach, veggies, chicken, white fish, apples, blue berries, egg whites, pita wrap, sweet potato, protein powders etc.

My training includes lifting weights 6 days/week and cardio 4-5 times a week. I get very bored when it comes to the cardio aspect of my training so I need to ensure I mix things up. I do fitness classes such as bootcamps, aerobics, Zumba and also do high incline fast walking on the treadmill or skipping. At the 6 week out mark, I begin posing and walking in my high heels daily to master the stage presence aspect. This also builds confidence and prepares me to be on stage without being as nervous.

My favorite experience of competing is feeling so accomplished on stage knowing I have put my heart and soul into my prep. No matter the placing, nothing changes that fact. Some show experiences were better than others but at the end of the day I am so proud to have been on stage. Proudest moment however is when I won my class in 2014 with absolutely no expectations of achieving this. To hear my name being called brought tears to my eyes. I remember shaking as I walked off stage and being welcomed into the arms of all of my fitness friends.

Juggling a full time nursing career, being a personal trainer, running a 24/7 gym, family, husband and friends can be challenging at times indeed. However, I take things day by day and try to enjoy the moment. Time management of being prepared with meal preps, training etc are key. Having the support of my coworkers, friends, family and coach are what push me to the stage. I am pumped to hit the stage again in just under 18 weeks. HAPPY TRAINING EVERYONE....STAY FOCUSED AND STRIVE TO YOUR GOALS!

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