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Hello my name is Melissa Ma Colbert, I am 30 years old and a physique competitor of 2 years. I started training roughly 5 years ago, What made me decide to compete in local competitions was a detrimental accident which left me with injuries that prevented me from preforming everyday activities. Being a single mother at that time, chasing after a little boy was a task so I needed to get healthy and strong.

My journey started when I stepped foot into the Goodlife Gym in St.Johnís NL December 2007.I was appointed a personal trainer who told me I had the potential to compete with my broad shoulders and rather large quads. Quads, Shoulders, Biceps? What were all these terms? I did not know. I was completely clueless to the whole physical fitness thing. As weeks and months passed I started to learn A LOT and grew more and more confident with my bodyís physical changes.

That is when I was determined to compete. November 19, 2011 was my first figure show. I placed 3rd amongst a tough and rather large class of women after that I decided to take a year off .

November 16, 2013 Physique division was introduced and it was something new. I was intrigued as well as coaxed to move from figure to physique . Best decision I made where my body had some major changes over the course of 2012 going from 200lbs of post show rebound to 139lbs in July 2013 then to 149lbs of lean mass in such a short time stepping on stage.

My dieting changes are rather simple during pre-contest and off season. The changes consist of just removing the junk food and tightening up my nutrition limiting it to a high fats and protein low carb kind of diet. I am carb sensitive therefore my carb intake is refueled once a week with just plain white rice for a full day 4 meals. The most effective diet I have found that worked well with my body is ketogenics for weight loss and maintenance during off season.

I have tried the traditional chicken and broccoli, the spinach etc. Those foods grow very tiresome and cause my body not to react very well to the continuous intake of the same foods. My favorite foods for muscle gains solely rely on the consumption of red meat, whole eggs and fish . Sometimes I eat red meat twice a day to fuel my training.

Competition is something that is trial and error, with food and training. I have tried the conventional way of eating, Macros, and lastly found the keto-genic way of eating much easier for me to obtain the physique and energy I need to perform. This method worked well especially where I'm a blood type B-, A LOT of foods react horribly to my body, especially carbohydrates.

I'm not A HUGE believer in the supplementation of any sorts but when I do I rely on L-carnitine, Green Tea extracts , Gingseng, and isolated proteins for the extra boost of protein if I do not get enough in a run of a day . I take them all in the morning as the initial start of my day everyday from day one of pre contest preparation.

The Training I let my coach Nick Roberts do all the thinking for me, I am merely a minion and trust the process of his guidance. I honestly havenít made a plan of training for myself in a couple of years, the way I look at it as long as I squat and deadlift everyday then it is a good training regimen. Not only do I compete in physique but I also compete as a powerlifter so the training varies from week to week.

Future plans: I plan on continuing with my training for overall health reasons and work towards nationally competing to gain my ifbb status whether it takes me 1,2, 10 years , the process is amazing and the end result is very gratifying as well as compete as a national powerlifter to make and break records. I can honestly say this life of lifting is a benefit to anyone and everyone.


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Melissa Ma Colbert

Melissa Ma Colbert