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Competing and how I got started?

My story is different than most women who compete, I started very late in the game. After having my second child at the age of 32, I was having trouble losing the weight. Three years went by and sitting at 28% body fat I decided to join a local gym and get a personal trainer. I then lost over 30 pounds and 13% body fat by lifting weights and eating right. Who knew underneath all that, I had these ridiculous muscles...everyone kept telling me I should compete. After kicking the idea around for 6 months or so, I eventually went to my trainer and asked about competing, coincidentally there was a local show coming up in 10 weeks, so I signed up. That was one year ago October 3, 2015 at the age of 36 and I just completed my 3rd show last weekend.

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My diet from off-season to pre-contest

I try to keep total calories per day anywhere from 1300-1800, for my diet depending on if I am cutting or bulking. I eat six small meals per day. The diet I found that works best for me to build muscle while losing fat is a high protein diet with whole, clean foods. I found that my body thrives better on clean foods, such as chicken, white fish, sweet potatos, and green vegetables. In my off season I will indulge with protein shakes and protein bars, but during contest prep I have to cut all those items from my diet. A typical meal for me will be 4 oz of chicken with 3oz of a green vegetable, with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or 2 oz of avocado. I like to do a carb cycle type diet, so I will go one day with carbs strictly from the vegetables, next, a day with a complex carb (sweet potato for example) added in the first two meals, then day 3 I will do a hi carb day with complex carbs in the first five meals.

I have not tried any diet plans that I was unhappy with, but I have only been competing a short time (1 year).

The self-confidence I gained to get on stage came from my posing coach Tammy Streich. She is a WBFF PRO, she is so patient and really helps me to bring out my inner Diva under the lights. The posing and walking is the hardest part for me. It's definately a work in progress.

My training program consists of HIIT at least twice per week, lifting six days per week, and steady state cardio three times per week. I rely on my trainer, PJ Cowan WBFF Pro Fitness Model, for my workouts and my nutrition. I will do a training regiment for two weeks, then we switch it up. It keeps my body guessing so it never gets comfortable.

This past weekend, I just competed in the WBFF Oklahoma Fitness and Fashion Spectacular. The Athletes meeting was Friday night before the show, the Athetes got all dressed up to go to the meeting and then went to dinner afterwards. It was a great experience, it felt nice to get all dressed up, especially when the majority of the time I live in workout clothes. My favorite moment of the night was receiving my registration packet with my number in it, the number I wore on stage the next day. This is when the nerves and excitement started to kick in over drive, I was filled with excitement because this moment that I had been training for was finally here and also I was getting ready to eat a good meal after the meeting.

Pre-judging was first thing in the morning, as I packed my bags and ate my breakfast, I start to feel excited and a bit nervous. Once backstage, I felt beautiful and glamorous after getting my hair and make up done, it all started to sink in...this is it, the moment to go out on the stage and show everyone how hard I worked these past months. After Pre-judging was over, I began to relax and just watch the rest of the girls compete from backstage. When it was time for finals, the atmosphere was different, it was very upbeat, lively, and it was time to give the audience a show. I started to feel more relaxed, not nervous, but even more excited because this is when we find out the truth, if everything you did paid off or if you didn't do enough. I was very happy with the outcome this past weekend. I placed 2nd in Diva Fitness Short Class and 2nd in Diva Fitness +35.

I plan to compete again in April 2017 in Los Angeles at the WBFF North American Championship. I am going to take these next few months to work on my week areas and keep improving my conditioning. I hope to keep inspiring others to chase their dreams and live a healthier lifestyle.

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