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I started bodybuilding in 2007 after I had a breast reduction. I was in the US Air Force and living in England. I was going to go to the annual base competition but realized once I was there that children couldn't go and I had my son. I saw one of the girls in her suit and I thought to myself "I can do that!" I always liked setting goals for myself so that would be my next challenge.

Before and after. Last competition 4th place #npc #figurecompetitor

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I always try to eat pretty clean but I went a few years without competition and dieting and went all off track. I was transioning into civilian life, going through a culture shock from returning to the states, relationship and just life issues. I was also struggling with severe depression and anxiety. During off season I still try to maintain a high protein low carb diet. I do have a weakness for my carbs though and believe it or not I have a weakness for cereceal. Not the sugary sweet kind but none of that is good for you. During prep I eat every 3 hours. I do 1.5-2 gms of protein per lb of body weight through out the day and for figure was eating about 2000 cal a day. I carb cycled throughout the week having a high carb day around 125gms and low carb day was about 25gms a day and I had a cheat day/afternoon or meal once a week. I also drank about a gallon of h2o a day. A high protein diet I have found is the best way to make and maintain muscle. I haven't tried any other diets. I liked my results from the 1st time so that is what I have stuck with.

What I did learn in later competitions when I was going through a hard time in life was...GET YOUR SLEEP! That is when you grow and recover. I specifically remember being so stressed out over situations out of my control. The night prior to 2 competitions and not getting any sleep. My body looked terrible and flat the next morning for pre-judging. All those months of hard work ruined over no sleep. After pre-judging I was able to sleep and eat and I remember the make-up artist saying "where was this girl this morning?" I looked so much better but it was too late.

My training doesn't consist in alot of cardio during the off season. Maybe some sprinting and jogging in the am or the stairmaster amd I ride my bike. When I am in prep I tend to do fasted cardio, hiit, intervals on the treadmill and powerwalking on the highest incline on the treadmill post workout. I always warm up with about 12 minutes on the bike before my lifts to get my body ready. When I lift I get cardio through doing super sets. When I lift I try to increase my weight each set then do a drop set at the end.

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The training and diet go hand and hand. It was hard in the beginning but it is a lifestyle change. You get use to it and once you start seeing the results it is a lot easier. I try to weigh and prep my food on a day off for the week. I fill the fridge with tupperwear and take my food with me everywhere I go. I have to eat every 3 hours and time flies so it always seems like it is time to eat and you can't get what you need at any drive thru. I don't even have to heat my food up anymore. I just eat it for what it makes me look like not what it taste like. I know sounds wonderful doesn't it. But you have that cheat and it's great.

Like I said prior I had a breast reduction in 2007. That right there gave me a sense of self esteem and confidence that I had never had before. I felt comfortable in my own body now. At that time I was married and my husband and I were both training to compete. I was working so hard and monitoring my bodyfat weekly. Each week it would drop and that was so exciting. I was loving the changes I was making to my body. I felt like a new woman. Watching my transformation and seeing my muscles was enough for me. I was ready and willing to strut my stuff on stage and show off all my hard work and beautiful body.

How I feel from check-ins to pre judging and finals. Well I love the check-ins. That's when you get your free goodies. Usually a bag and some supplements and a t-shirt. That is always a perk. Pre-judging is the most stressful. That's where it all counts. I usually listen to music while I am pumping up and of course always say a prayer. The night show is gravy. All the judging is over with and it is just time to eat and have fun.

Being in this lifestyle has extremely changed my life. I have 21 trophies, been in a magazine, had sponsors, done photo shoots and done modeling. I have gotten treated differently at events being able to skip the lines and get VIP and introduced to the facility owners as well as celeberties sometimes. It definitely has its perks. I wouldn't change it for the world.

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My future goals have currently changed to go from figure to physique. It's a lot more hours in the gym and more calories to intake but I just can't help wanting to keep getting bigger!

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