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As a trainer who has been pretty fit most of my life, my clients kept asking me why I didn't ever compete. I knew once I started, I would be 100% all in so, I hesitated to take on such an endeavor. However in December of 2016 I decided as a New Years resolution to compete in my first competition. March 2017 I went for it and in my second show I earned 1st place and got my Pro Card. I knew I found my new sport.

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Check out my interview tonight about 11:20pm on NBC sports wrap up!!!!! Very thankful to AAU and to ICN for incredible opportunities on my fitness journey @mshealthandfitness Every BODY's Fit 7602016784 #everybodysfit #mastertrainer #AAU #ICN #IDEA #AFAA #MensHealth #WomensHealth #NASM #coach #PersonalTrainer #trainer #groupexercise #naturalbodybuilding #nobodyshame #wellnesscoach #health #FITlife #FITMeals #pug #puglife #SteveNash #groupexercise #Whstrong

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I do flexible macros. For me, keeping weight on is a struggle due to my active job. I don't make a huge cut until about 1 month out from a show. Then the last week, I fill back out and get to eat more. Carbs and fats are the key for me. When I drop low in carbs, my fats go up to help me fight through.
My first show ever I dieted way too much. For a figure competitor, I was 104 pounds. I got tiny too fast, not knowing that clean eating would have such a remarkable impact on my body. Now I know my metabolism much better, understanding that I have to eat much more than most gals to keep muscle on. I learned that when you eat the right foods, you can much, much, more than you would think.

The concept of having "all-eyes-on-me" on stage was scary at first. But I have a YouTube channel, I teach in front of people daily, and I like showing what I have earned. I want to inspire and change lives through fitness, so I have to walk the walk up there and show the world hard work pays off.

I have learned to love the weight and I lift heavy, heavy, heavy. It takes time to build muscle and I have to eat enough to do this. I use HITT for cardio, with exercises like Burpees. There is fine line for me so that I don't burn through muscle. For me, I have to eat real food, chicken, egg whites, and sweet potatoes are my friends. I actually crave these foods now.

I have gotten to see the world going to Italy, South Korea, and soon Australia in October. At these shows, I am nervous and intimidated all the way until the final moment I enter the stage. I focus on my "pump up" and remember how far I have come to earn my spot up there. I'm the Athlete Representative for AAU Bodybuilding, so at these shows I like helping and guiding others, but still make sure that I'm ready to rumble when it is my time. Every show I get better and better, so my confidence continues to grow with that in mind.

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I was a basketball player and played in college, so bodybuilding has allowed me to find a sport in my adult life. This is a lifestyle that can be isolating, but I have a great husband who supports me. I make time for what I want to achieve, so meal prep and training are my routine now. I thrive on structure and I'm a competitor so I don't miss a workout. My lift is fitness 100%, so I eat, sleep, and breathe this every day to be my best.

I will be attending the ICN World Championships in October 2018, so it is go time right now. I'm also working on my Doctorate in Health & Human Performance. I want to be a professional athlete's trainer or a celebrity's trainer.

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