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Megan: When I was younger I was an avid athlete. I competed through out highschool in cross country, soccer and track and that led to me joining the Navy after highschool at 17. I went in as Explosive Ordnance Disposal and ended up injuring my self and was dropped from the program. At that point my fitness suffered drastically and I began to suffer from a horrible life style. After a car accident in 2013 where I got banged up pretty bad I decided to make a change. I began lifting on my own and dabbled in crossfit and when I lost I got back from deployment at the end of 2013 I leaned towards body building. I loved that I could control SOMETHING in my life and that led to me discovering I had found something I could never again live with out.

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In offseason I eat larger meals stacked heavier in protein and carbs vs prep where I still stack protein but my carbs diminish the closer I get to a show and my healthy fats begin to slowly go up so I can use that for my energy source vs carbs. The most effective diet I have had for building muscle is a combination of red meat and chicken meals ranging from 6-8 oz each meal and carbs derived from oats and yams. With the bigger portions my body ate it right up as fuel for my recovering muscles.

As far as diet plans goes the only plan I have found ineffective was my diet plan for my first show. I was eating noodles smaller meals and portions and that wasn't giving my body enough nutrients to grow. I tend to lean out and drop body fat more effectively on a diet that ranges from 1700-2000 calories vs a low calorie diet of 1300-1500.

Training wise I do a lot of high volume work with minimal rest In between sets and for cardio I stick to the treadmill or stationary bike to burn calories and to add definition to my legs. I bring my meals everywhere with me so I can eat immediately before and after I train.

To build the self confidence to get on stage it's to pull from my old acting days in Theater and focus on the feeling vs the crowd. My first show I had nobody to support me (in October of 2014 where I placed last) and it was very nerve racking stepping on stage. I was so nervous I nearly passed out! But my second time (January 2016 where I place 1st) I was amped and ready! As soon as I stepped on stage I found my husband in the audience and was immediately at ease because I knew no matter what he was proud of me and saw a winner each time he looked at me.

For my competition in January of this year I had to fly to Vegas by myself and my husband drove up one day later. Checking into the hotel by myself and strutting around my room practicing alone was nerve racking because I was like "oh my god I'm here!!!" And I had no body to tell! At checkins I was just ready to get started. I was scanning the room looking for the faces of those I would be backstage with and I could see a wide ranged emotions. Confident, scared, anxious and excitement filled their faces!

At prejudging I was nervous waiting off the stage but as soon as I stepped into the line of site of the judges I immediately thought "This is my show! Watch and see me kill it" it felt amazing on that stage and being called out first and center stage! That excitement stayed with me through finals where they called my name for first place! To go from a last place finish to a first place win I was BEYOND ecstatic! There is no better feeling than having your hard work pay off!

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Future plans are pretty straight and narrow! I have transition from figure to women's physique and my debut show for that is on August 20th! Hopefully I nationally qualify there and if so I will take a whole year off to bulk and prep for USA's in 2017 where I hope to receive my pro card! I will never give up and I will make it to that Olympia stage! As for the process I am going to be training hard while balancing that with my personal training business which offers both online prep, posing and weight loss programs as well as local training for here in San Diego Ca.

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