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I have been an athlete all my life. But in early 2016 my best friend from college was killed in a car accident a few months after beginning to prep for his first competition. I began competing as a way to finish that bucket list item for Brandon and to begin to heal from the pain of losing him.

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Diet: The only difference between in season and out of season for me is prepped macros verses winging it. That just means I am always conscious about the macro breakdown of my food in terms of calories, fats, proteins, carbs, etc, but out of season I use a mobile app to make sure what Iím eating works where as in season I will prep my food to take the guess work out. Iíve found that whatever stresses you out least works best. If preparing your meals helps you feel organized, great! If it makes you feel like a cog in a machine and you hate your life, maybe you need more freedom in your diet. Giving yourself a meal or a snack that you get to choose in the moment can completely change the way you feel about your food.

Truthfully I have had success with prepping all of my meals, and with prepping no meals at all and just counting my macros. The best plans are a sustainable life style, and since each competitor is different each person will react differently and have varying preferences.

Both training and diet are important for success. Ultimately those who make it in this industry are consistent above all else. They show up to workout and they eat properly. Iím not a personal trainer or a dietitian so the most important thing for me is to be open and honest with my coach about what Iím feeling and how my body and mind are responding to the plan we made. I keep my cardio and the weight I lift minimal due to my weak joints, I havenít been allowed to run on a treadmill since I was 17 for example. So we get creative with resistance bands and body weight or just lifting the bar. You do not need to become an Olympic lifter to be a competitor.

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I work on my confidence everyday! Itís a constant battle to prance, smile, turn, flex, and not fall over. I was in show choir in high school so I came into the sport with knowledge of stage presence and putting on a show. But even then I wasnít the best dancer so I also had to learn to just fake it and keep going. At first you have to just pose and realize no one starts off amazing at this. I now pose 2-3 times a week by myself and now itís more fun as I develop muscle memory and learn what complements my body as it changes over time.

Iím always surprised at how few athletes take the time to stay and watch others compete. At the 2018 Arnold Classic, the vast majority of the girls donít make it to finals. Thatís just the way it is. But the girls DID make it to one of the most prestigious stages on Earth! I wish more competitors would take the time to take a step back and just appreciate what they have accomplished and what exclusive and impactful company they are in. Go out in the audience, watch part of the show, meet the promoters and vendors, cheer some people on...take advantage of the whole experience!

Being an athlete and a competitor gives me an advantage in life because everything has a purpose. I have been in sports my entire life, so maybe it is a little bit easier for me day to day because people who know me and spend time with me are used to my health and fitness being a priority. I choose to continue to be an athlete and to compete as a way to deal with having discovered my genetic clotting disorder. Being lean, fit, and having strong vascular health is about all I can do naturally to help my body cope with the factor V Leiden mutation I was born with, so I simply refuse to quit being an athlete.

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I will be moving up to the figure division and competing in the amateur at the Olympia in Las Vegas in September, then taking 6-12mos off from competing to build muscle and develop. I will also being moving to Las Vegas in October, I like seeing and living in new places. Iíve lived back in my home state of Ohio for just about three years and it is time for a new climate and a change for me and my cat, Patrick Swayze.
Accepting modeling opportunities in Columbus, OH and other major midwestern cities.


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