Mayann Adriano - Fitness Competitor

My on season diet and off season differs only in proportions and of course, when Im off season I let myself indulge in food I would not eat during training. What works for me? Eating clean. Again, I have just competed for the 1st time this year in October with the WBFF so I have not tried any other diets. So far it works for me, but Im continually learning more and am looking to improve myself even further.
Here is an example of my pre contest diet:

egg whites, oats
Snack 1
egg whites
yam, chicken breast, veg
Snack 2
white fish, salad, cup veg
Snack 3

When it came to supplements I had to do a bit of trial and error before figuring out what combinations worked for me, I took the following supplements religiously everyday while training. CLA, L-glutamine , Probiotics , Multi Vitamins, Protein, Fish oil, Flax seed

My pre-contest training program consist more of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), I put on together a combination of routines (Changing them every 2 weeks) with weights, jump rope, kettle ballsetc.. This allows me to lower my body fat% faster than any other programs I have tried so far. My favorite cardio is Zumba.

Work out schedule; 6 days a week
Monday: HIIT full body, Zumba
Tuesday:HIIT lower body
Wednesday: HIIT upper body, Zumba
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Legs, Glutes and Abs
Saturday: Bicep, Tricep, Back ,Zumba
Sunday: Chest , Shoulders, Cardio (machine)

Im excited to compete again in the New Year, I love challenging myself! Im looking forward to pushing myself as a competitor, a new coach and in learning more as I pursue my fitness aspirations.

Facebook: Mayann Adriano-Fitness

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