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An update, May 2017.

Experiences and feelings from the recent 2016 contest season

Right before the 2015 Olympia the league made the BIG announcement that competitors, specifically Bikini and Figure, were coming to shows a little too big and shredded. So to bring the divisions back to its true intentions they would become more rigid with adhering to the judging criteria. Well always being a Figure competitor with mature muscle density resulted in me going into every show last season questioning if I would be able to reach the levels I desired to reach. I spent the months going back and forward as I prepared for the next competition about if I should just try to burn off the additional muscle I just added or if I should move from Figure to Women’s Physique. Although I placed well at the shows I competed in last year it was a bitter sweet season for me. The doubt I had reached a point I was no longer enjoying competing.

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I took the rest of the 2016 season off from competing to figure things out and see if I could find the joy in the sport again. It took about 4 months but around early November of 2016 I decided to stop thinking worrying about what division I belong. The reason I fell in love with bodybuilding is because of the joy and peace I received from training and pushing myself to evolve my body and its symmetry to something more beautiful. So as I started looking ahead into 2017 I decide that I would just focus on developing the best package I could possibly create and whichever division that work of art I created fit into would be the division I would compete.

Current Prep

Currently in contest prep mode, I am still a big believer that the best process is slowly transitioning into only consuming a handful of food options for my protein, carbohydrates and fats. But what I have started to do differently is eat cleaner refuel meals like sushi, consume more beef and keep decent carb levels during the process. Working with a nutrition coach that worked with the uniqueness of my body but also my life environment we have been strategic with my meal plans weekly. My goal was to fuel my body and train in a way I needed to achieve muscle bellies that were full and well rounded, while getting an near “superhero’ shoulder to waist ratio. This meant weeks of testing different food combinations to get the most out of the food and the best response from my body. It was frustrating at times but when we finally unlocked the right combination for my body the results of my transformation have been amazing.

#MotivatingMyselfMonday This season I promised you all I would share more of my progress so here you go!?? Both were taken at the end of the day with no workout pump. Yes, I am very proud of the sweat and tears I have been putting into this season's prep. No, I'm not worried about what others have accomplished to date. Why, because this about me beating me. I am my own motivation and you better believe I am JUST getting started. ?? . #InsanePhysique #WatchMeWork #XFactor

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Life as an athlete

I have been a competitive athlete nearly my entire life and what they say is true. It’s a lifestyle. Its the difference between being a “Competitor” and being an “Athlete”. Yes I do enjoy life. I eat decadent foods, hang out with family and friends and sometimes even skip going to the gym. But being an athlete has given me the discipline to do even when the desire is not there. It has trained me to visualize my goals and my work towards them. But more importantly it has made me become an advocate in the belief that if God put it in your spirit then it is achievable. NO matter what others may say or think. It’s your vision to make a reality. The results will be based on how badly you desire to achieve it.

Future plans

This season I have committed to testing the waters and compete in a Women’s Physique competition. I have to admit with my dance and yoga background the idea of getting to truly “perform” on stage is very appealing. I am a little excited to try the division out! But regardless of if I stay in Figure or crossover to Women’s Physique I am all in to strive to qualify and compete at the 2017 Olympia and get an invite to compete in next year’s Arnold.

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