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Being an Army vet, I have somewhat of a ďdoing what it takes to get things doneĒ attitude. I donít believe in excuses or playing the sympathy card. If you really want it you make every attempt to achieve it. Iím not saying you wonít bow down to your cravings a time or two or that youíre always going to feel like eating clean or working out. But if you stay consistent with a 90/10 rule being 90% of the time you are making every effort to achieve that perfect body youíve always longed for. And the 10 being you are still human and need to have a life outside the four corners of you home and gym. Thatís the simplest way you can overcome cravings and sustain this type of lifestyle. Remember itís a style of choice not because you want to walk around and show off every perfect muscle in your body but because you feel, think, act in a way only very few have the privilege of experiencing. Itís a high that no drug can ever make you feel, itís something called ďeuphoriaĒ, total bliss. To be at peace with yourself and the world makes all the effort and hard work worthwhile.

Aside from being an NPC competitor, Iím a full time career woman and mother of two. So prepping at 10-11PM while you just put the kids to sleep and making sure your boss is satisfied at work are some of the day to day necessary stress in order to maintain some sanity during contest prep. Youíre your own best friend. If you make sure things are done in advance, there is slight chance youíll ever lose. I teach my children responsibility and discipline in hopes they will adapt to a healthy lifestyle and be able to balance all of what life has to offer.

Off-season vs pre-contest dieting remains a constant for me. Aside from tapering down my carb intake and increasing my cardio I never like to be too restrictive with what I eat. During my off season prep, Iíll eat somewhere between 6-7 times a day keeping high protein, medium carb and low fats. My calories stay the same for the most part unless Iím really craving something then Iíll add in an additional workout just to compensate. My workouts are long lasting and intense, leaving very little room for extra cardio in the AM. After placing 3 and qualifying in my last competition April 2016, I fell off the wagon pretty bad. I never had anyone coach me post show. Which if youíve ever competed before, you know how it feels to finally be free and not know how to maintain your discipline around all those delicious desserts youíve constantly told yourself was bad, bad, bad. I told myself NO way to many times during contest prep and stripped all sugars, dairy and carbs out of my diet. Thatís NOT what Iím doing this time around. I started with a reverse dieting plan keeping my carbs extremely high, medium protein and low fats. My show is October 2016 and I already feel healthier, tighter, leaner, and at the same time FULLER which is exactly where I wanted to be at this point.

Hereís a sample of my Off Season vs Contest Prep:

Off Season
*Meal 1
ĺ Cup Oatmeal
*Meal 2
Peanut Butter
*Meal 3
5 oz Chicken
Brown Rice
*Meal 4
1 Cup Yogurt
Mixed Berries
*Meal 5
5oz Chicken
Mixed Veggies
*Meal 6
10 Almonds
Peanut Butter/Almond Butter

Contest Prep
*Pre Cardio
Black Coffee
Cayenne Pepper
*Meal 1 CLA
Dandelion Root
4oz Egg Whites
*Meal 2
4oz Fish
1 Cup Veggies
*Meal 3
4oz Fish
1 Cup Veggies
*Meal 4
3oz Chicken
4oz White Rice
*Meal 5
4oz Chicken
4oz Sweet Potato
*Meal 6
Apple Cider Vinegar
Black Pepper Extract
4oz Egg Whites

Maura Walsh

Maura Walsh

* AM stack: Multivitamin, fish oil, biotin, vitamin C, B-12 Complex, Acetyl L-Carnitine
* PreWorkout: Black Coffee, Poptart
* IntraWorkout: BCAAís
* PostWorkout: Protein Powder, Glutamine

My workouts generally remain the same.

Mon: Legs (Quads, Hams)
Tuesday: Active Rest
Wed: Legs (Glutes, Calves)
Thurs: Arms/Back
Fri: Legs (Quads, Glutes)
Sat: Cardio/Arms
Sun: Cardio

As I dwindle my way down to show day Iíll increase my cardio from 30min, 2 times a week to 45min 3 times a week. I will also start to superset a lot of my workouts to keep my heartrate at its max and sandwich my carb intake pre/post workout rather than in the AM or last meal.

I offer Blood Type Diets through a software development system I own and use myself on a day to day basis. You should always eat right for your blood type, even during prep, we all digest Macros differently so find out what works best for you!

Confidence on Ruling the stage:

Remember when youíre up there, you want to make sure you hit every pose youíve been practicing over the past 20 sum odd weeks. The lights are bright and all eyes are on you, this is the moment youíve been waiting for. The truth of it all is the judges have seen 1,000 physiques before yours, so show them what makes you special! Make them remember you and most of all make sure you practice, practice, practice your routine! If all else fails, smile BIG. Judges will take points away for everything from your suit, shoes, nails, jewelry and yes even your beautiful smile.

Iím a very petite only 5í2Ē female 115lbs, competing in a very large dynamic group. Bikini is one of the hardest divisions to compete in due to the fact that you have to shred the extra fat, but maintain the necessary muscle to remain competitive. There has to be a ďhappy mediumĒ. I usually like to stay within 10 lbs. of stage weight year round so when it comes to dieting down, I donít have to crash diet or train. My stage weight is between 110-112lbs due to the fact that if I drop any lower Iíll risk losing to much muscle and not look healthy. The key to bikini competitions are to shine as bright on the outside and you are on the inside! Make sure your working with a coach who has your best interest at heart and who have a track record of qualified athletes. If youíre looking for a personalized diet or workout plan, you may contact me.

You choose to wake up every day and be better so even if you donít walk away with a medal around your neck or in your hand, keep in mind that youíve come so far do you really want to turn back now? As long as you can keep doing what you enjoy doing the most, youíll always be a winner!

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Maura Walsh
IG: @work_it__fit

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