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My fitness journey has started pretty early since I was a teenager and my passion for sport was developing year by year.

Training just became my lifestyle, my hobby and I could not imagine my life without it. I have always been consistent and disciplined in training for the last 9 years. I never thought of competing before, it was always someone else who would suggest it to me. I never took it serious until the day this new trainer started working in the same gym. Him and his girlfriend they both compete. His girlfriend contacted me and offered to help me with my first competition and that was it.

The preparation for it started since January 2016. My recent competition was in Cyprus with NAC and it was World Championship where I placed 6th in top 6. It was my second contest. Experience was nerve wracking but amazing at the same time.
Competing in a different country is an amazing experience and definitely was an eye opening for me. Seeing the higher standards it motivated me to train harder.

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My first experience with diet during my peak training wasn't that pleasant. I was on a higher protein meals with some complex carbs and good fats. My energy level started running down after my first month of prep which led me to eat food I wasn't allowed. I craved carbs badly and that only put me in a really bad mood with no energy in me. I had to increase in calories coming from carbs to be able to train hard.

Last 2 weeks before the contest diet changed to high protein/low carbs and good fats. My main source of carbs then was green vegetables, fats - avocado, almond nuts or organic almond butter.
As the calories are reduced towards the end of the prep energy level goes down a lot and training it's so much harder.
For me every workout becomes more challenging then and it's just a must.

Taking supplements like L-Glutamine and BCAA is a must during the peak training for the recovery and muscle building. Apart from this I take high dose of Vit C, Omega 3-6-9 and Multi Vitamins.

At the moment I am preparing for my third contest in Tenerife - "Tenerife Night Stars". I have been training with heavy weights since after competing in Cyprus in June. My training routines for each month are fixed. Do a cardio sessions 3x a week 30-45mins but that will increase it next month.
Now at my present prep for my third contest my diet looks: 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fats. Consumed 2000 cals on leg day and lower on other training days. My calories will change from next month to eating less carbs and high protein and low fat.
Couple weeks before the contest I add more plyometric exercises to my routine, don't lift heavy any more and add more reps reducing resting time to speed up fat burning.

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I have just under 8 weeks to go now and this is going to be the hardest time of my prep but I am really excited to put that sparky bikini on and step on stage again.
With just a month apart after this is my next and main contest - "Mr/Ms Universe" in Hamburg in November.

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