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I am from Nicaragua originally and was always into some kind of sport. When I moved to Canada and started watching the Olympia got so fascinated kept saying someday I would love to be there! Started to go to gym and met this amazing gym partner who introduced me to weights and rest is history now! Love it!!!

Diet change from off season to pre-contest: Is stricter and have to be exact measurements to be successful in my body type. I am only 5 foot tall so been very exact helps me to lean out toward competition goal. This year I found that removing dairy and grains was the most successful watching even fruits helped me as well. It was very strict in which we went higher protein, lower carbs and med fats. I found it healthy as I had my refeeds when need it and 6 meals a day kept me going.

I had before dairy, grain, fruits trough out my prep as well as what we call cheat meals. I found removing all of it this year with exception of fruit but moderate it helped to get into a better shape. My refeeds were more add more of the foods on my list to eat example more oats or an extra banana or have brown rice in those days really helped me better in my goals.

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In 2015 was my first competition and was a nerves wreck but you improve every one and realize you work SO HARD at the gym that those 5 minutes you have to make it matter! Practicing your poses gives you also that confidence and that is on my goal list for 2019!

I lift (weight train) 5 days a week and while in prep do cardio 6 days a week, every other day I introduce HIIT. I like to mix it and depends how my body is responding looking I will do fasted cardio first thing in the am or my weights and go back in the evenings for my cardio/HIIT. Lifting heavy has made a huge difference in my physique this year. Not been afraid of it without compromising form and having a good spotter has help. Going for massages and foam rolling are essentials as well.

I break down days for different body parts example, legs on Monday and shoulders and tri on Tuesday etc.… I have to improve my upper body so will be adding more days and effective exercises for it in the building/off season. I have meals accordingly to my exercise program for sure. The key for better results is to eat accordingly your goals and training for sure.

August 30th 2018 will never be forgotten as I earned the IFBB Pro card at North American Championship in Pittsburgh. What an honor at my age to be able to obtain this prestige title as well as win the overall winning in my age category. I was overwhelmed with joy of accomplishment and felt all those hours and sacrifice that I have put in has paid off. Honestly I went in this competition I could say feeling I will do and bring my best but never thought possible on my first international show will obtain my procard! I had 3 shows this year, prep for 8 months and each show was such an amazing experience who gave me 4 first places, 2 over all winning and my IFBB pro card. My cup is full!! And feel SO blessed!!! It feels like a dream.

Being an athlete: It teaches you self-discipline that can be use in every aspect of your life. Not giving up when you are tired or hungry or not able to have what other are having takes you to a different level of discipline and realize your mind is an amazing part of you! You make a difference around people around you… someone always says something like I didn’t want to make it this early but thought of you and here you are! I personally think that age is just a number and if you want something that means a lot to you can be achieve if you truly believe it. It is about priorities. Exercising and been healthy which is not easy when you have a job and other responsibilities but is part of my life and love it, is my therapy and my happy place.

I am hoping to have a good building/off season and work toward improving my physique and if I am where I need to be I would love to do a PRO-Debut in 2019!!!


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