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My name is Marjorain Loyola- Fortney but I am known to many as “Marjie” to friends and family (In competitions “Marjie Loyola- Fortney”). Now that I look back I find it interesting on how I started competing, and became a coach/Personal Trainer. To be honest back in the 90’s I took an AAAI weekend course and got my certification, but the story really did not start there. So let’s go back to the beginning. I have two brothers and many cousins but 2 of them were always with us like brothers. So since a little girl, I was playing baseball, Cowboys & Indians, climbing trees or jumping from roof tops etc. I did the best I could to keep up with the boys, just so I could play with them and not be left out of the fun. Looking back now, in the back of my head then, I can remember thinking, “I’ll show them, I can do it all (play baseball, climb the roof tops and do all what my brothers do)”.

Marjie Loyola-Fortney
Photographer: Edgar Carrasco

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and ended up on the east coast by the time I was 8 years old due to family loss and opportunities. Growing up, I played sports in school but I was never very good. I think that I was overwhelmed with family loss and trying to fit into a mold that was acceptable by both society and family culture that I became depressed and withdrawn at an early age. I felt as if I could not be “me” out of fear of rejection. After high-school, I became a single mom at the age of 18. After the birth of my son I needed another outlet since I no longer had opportunities to play sports, so I started working out. I actually remember not being able to do 1 push up, even on my knees, I struggled. I was very much a “skinny fat”; had little to no muscle development or strength during that time frame.

After being tired of feeling weak and tired, I started working out. First I did videos at home, and then when I was able to master them, I found myself wanting more. At this time I joined a gym. Then in my mid 20’s I did attempt an ANBC female bodybuilding competition. Although I did get 3rd place (not knowing anything about prepping for a show) I found myself too busy being a single mom in general taking care of my responsibilities (family, school, work); I myself used the excuse “I have no time”. I started to live a very unhealthy lifestyle. Although not “obese” per medical guidelines, my body could not handle the toxins within. I suffered from High Blood pressure, still battled my demons (anxiety and depression) and was drinking way too much. I was not comfortable with the way I looked, how clothes fit me, and over all how I felt physically. I would get out of breath going up the stairs at work! So about my late 30’s I finally said enough is enough, and changed everything. I started working out, started to count my macros, making healthier food choices.

I tried many diets, I tried the no or low carbs diet, the high or unlimited fat diet, the always doing cardio routine, the 450+ reps routine, I think I tried it all at some point in my life. The most important thing I have found out is that you NEED to feed your body to gain lean muscle mass and remain moderately lean. There is no reason (for me) to gain 20+ lbs in the off season to add muscle mass. The difference between my off season diet and my prep diet is that during prep I measure to be exact on my macros and during prep I am doing more cardio as well as limited cheat meals. During my off season I eat “somewhere” around my macros and if I feel like having an extra meal, or a cheat meal I do.

Marjie Loyola-Fortney
Photographer : Edgar Carrasco

I am lucky enough to be married to my Trainer/Coach/Nutritionist Allen Fortney. Allen is better known as “Big Al Fortney”, who is a certified personal trainer and I have a business degree with a concentration in management; together we have developed “Team Fortney….break the mold” (web page currently under construction). Please contact us at and put “Team Fortney” on the subject line. Although our business is just in the beginning stages, “Big Al” has been doing personal training successfully for 20+ years. We offer off season plans (12 weeks) as well as show prep plans (14 weeks) to name a few items. We can also provide work out regimens or a combination. We do “one on one” for local clients as well as distance clients with the help of internet, pictures & videos.

The way I train and do my macros (also for our clients) enable us to remain somewhat lean while increasing the lean muscle mass (BMI). So much so that most of our clients we tell them NOT to pay too much attention to the scale because as they loose fat and gain muscle, the scale will go down but then start creeping back up in weight due to their muscle gains. One of our sayings is “Carbs are your friends” because you need them to grow.

Stage presence I something I feel I will always have to work on. When I started I felt uncomfortable, nervous, and overall just not ready. This is a head game, because I feel that most competitors will say they have so much more to “correct” or “make better”. It was not until I was prepping for Team Universe that I felt like I could “strut” across that stage. Every show is personal to me. The music, the bikini, the 60-90 second routine. I find something I can relate too, something I can go away in my head and be in my happy place and just let the art flow. I have always felt that the human body is a work of art, showing it and posing it, is also another work of art. But what makes it personal is your style….you can’t copy that, which is a love or passion that only comes from within. You have to be able to tap into that to showcase your best you.

My suggestion to any athlete new or veteran is always be ready, even if you don’t expect it, don’t let them shake you. The show that I made IFBB Pro at, the 1st time I went out, I did not expect to do a 60 second routine for the judges as they announced each competitor. They said “go out and do your 60 second routine”. I was so caught up, with ‘wait, this is not my music, what routine? Should I had another routine? I let that rattle me. So the 1st class I did, Masters over 40, my posing was off, I didn’t know what was expected and you could tell. I placed 6th in that class because my posing was not on point! I also did “Open” and got my pro card, with some of the same girls. This is proof that a better body can place lower if not shown (posed) correctly. This was a lesson learned for me. I blame no one but myself. Now that I know this, I won’t let it happen again. Listen up competitors. Shows can sometimes run late, can be rushed, can have classes merged while showing posing routines. You just never know until you get there and you find out how big the show will be. So always be ready to jump and flip your schedule as needed to show your best you!

My future plans are to do my pro show debut at San Diego Warriors Championship Nov 4h, 2017. I also am doing the Ferrigno Legacy on Nov 18th, 2017. I am blessed that I have the very talented Jodi Sturgeon sponsoring me for my bikini. Please check out her amazing work at, I cannot stress enough how talented she is. My personal goals is to make it to the Olympia stage before 2020.

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