Mariko Augurson - IFBB Physique Pro

I started competing in collegiate powerlifting. My physique was often mistaken for that of a bodybuilder. I have always been an avid fan of the sport so in 2012 I started competing. It was rocky at first with no knowledge of how competition works. My diet is stricter in contest prep. In offseason I can taste a few treats once twice a week. I find I function better on a low carb diet. My diet staples are fish and ground turkey. I have tried more carbs and my gains slow down.

I was in drama all through high school. This gives me the confidence I need on stage. As for training I like hiit cardio, step mill sprints stadiums box jumps. I do walking lunges for 2 miles.

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My most recent show is the Arnold 2018!! It was awesome!! I could not believe a show I looked at in magazines I was a part of it and on the pro stage at that!!!

Being an athlete and a teacher is challenging. Then you add in a mother itís doubled. Sometimes one area is neglected and guilt can set in for sure. I just make sure to rectify the misstep. I am currently in contest prep for the City Limits Pro show April 14. I am nervous because I rebounded 7 pounds after the Arnold!! Wish me well!!


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