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Marie: I began competition in 1986 because my boyfriend did musculation! And I started to train in a gym. I was very sportive my discipline was the swimming pool. I have begun competition in IFBB. My place was second in French championship. Iím very proud for my first competition.

Then I switched federation and moved to NABBA (and World fitness federation), where I won 2 time French championship and I had my qualification for Europe and world championship.
I won 2 times in World championship in NABBA (2004 in Australia and 2005 in Brasil) and 2 times in WFF (in Lithuania and in Russia). As I would like change my physique I wen to Ifbb in figure I won French championship, competed in Europe and took the 6 place in World championship and finalist at Arnold Classic 2 times, so my federation ifbb gave me the PROCARD in gratitude of my career amateur. I competed 5 years in Pro Figure and now I competed in Women's Physique I love this category because we have posing etc.

When I Ďm in diet I havenít carbohydrate or just a little when I have a day with lots of classes)! Usually I must lose 12 kilos to compete. My diet is very strict. I take 6 meals per days with protein (white eggs, chicken and fishĖtilapia) vegetables, when I take carbohydrate itís sweet potatoes or oats. Drink a lot of water when I train. When I am off season I try to eat correctly during the week and I take what I want the weekend!!! Proteins are very important when you prepare for a competition.

I always have the same diet. I have a lot of protein and low carbohydrate with high quality fat (avocado for example). I have high intensity training and lot of classes per day because I'm a trainer.

Supplements - I take protein powder (casein and whey). I take vitamin c, vitamin B1 6 12. I take omega 3, 6. Fat burner (animal cuts).

That is my diet plan:

3 eggs and 3 without yolk.
Vitamins and minerals, omega 3 and fat burners.

Snack post training 40g of Whey protein.

Meat (chicken or red meat)
Vitamins and minerals, omega 3 and fat burner
Snack: 40g Casein
Snack: 100g of ham

Vegetables and Olive Oil
Vitamins and minerals, omega 3

I realized that when a didnít take my vitamins, I made deficiencies and my weight didnít come down.

Future plans - I need to work off season to increase my quality and mass. I wish to compete in 2015 at Pittsburgh Master Pro over 45.

Each can join me for diet and training plan on my e-mail address: or on my facebook: Marie Pierre Ripert IFBB Pro athlete.

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Marie Pierre Ripert

Marie Pierre Ripert