Marie Bouchalova - Physique Competitor

Four years ago I had a bicycle accident, and I am after two spinal surgeries. I have screwed vertebrae. My treatment lasted for about a year when I was learning to walk again, and once I got into the gym and started working on it, it made me so swallowed up and it became my lifestyle and I decided to try a competition.

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Diet and training
In offseason I try to live as a normal person who enjoys life. Of course, I do not leave a healthy lifestyle, and food is also associated with it. Once I start preparing for the competition, I keep strictly all the instructions of my trainer with regard to food. I am a supporter of healthy carbohydrates. Correctly adjusted carbohydrates, proteins and fats are an important part of preparation, but also good training and resting. These three components are the most important to achieve high quality muscle and lose fats.
- I recognized my body on my first competition and I mainly believed my coach, who, unfortunately, did not choose the right method to work on my body. After time and experience, I myself learned to listen to my body, and now it's easier for me.

My training is divided according to my parts of body. Because we know with the coach where the weaknesses are. We use larger weights and minor repetitions on top of the body, but we do everything technically right. And because my legs are big against the top of the body, we're trying to use smaller weights, more repetitions (up to gigantic supersets), but everything with maximum sense of muscle. It does not matter whether we are in a diet or offseason - training is still hard.

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On stage
Confidence: Everything comes from my coach, who has taught me to concentrate on myself and to believe. I enjoy every second what I can be on the stage with a big smile and with love for that sport.

The NPC Holiday Classic was my dream, which came true on Dec 16th, 2017. Thanks to this sport I found myself, what fills me and makes me happy. I make it with heart, soul and body. This sport requires that you give all of yourself, but I get even more in return. But the most Iíve learned during this adventure is to love, to have humility and respect. My motto is: my life, my way, my dream, my love.

Being an athlete: It has greatly influenced my life so far. I met myself and found that I could motivate a lot of people as I live. I've got fans and a lot of motivation for my next move in this sport. Every fan is cherished, as well as being a motivational force. I consider their time and attention to be a precious gift and a great responsibility for me to live up to their expectations. I am grateful for each and every one. The motivation I gain in trying to live up to their expectations is in no small extent a significant factor in my success so far. I do my best to not disappoint them, just as I try to not disappoint myself.

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Future plans: I have just begun preparing for a competition on Florida, which will be held in July 2018. Under the NPC. Depending on what happens, I decide to pause and try to get some muscle or if I will compete this year again.


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