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Mariana: I am originally from Republic of Moldova. From the youngest age I was involved in sports, national and Latin American competitive dancing. As I grew older I started teaching aerobics and dancing for kids. Weights have never been a part of my life until I moved to England. Then 7 years ago I moved to USA. After having 2 girls, 4 and 6 I felt that just losing the weight (60 pounds with both girls) was not enough. I started lifting more when the baby was 6 months and when she turned 1 I competed in my first NPC figure division. I liked how my body was changing and that I was becoming stronger. I got in contact w Chris Eaddy my first Coach and we started from there.

Having a coach and being part of a team definitely gave me more motivation and admiration for those that competed. My off-season and pre-contest diet would only change in the amount of food. I would eat same 5/6 meals a day, healthy lean proteins with every meal, carbs would decrease as we get in the contest mode. I started competing at 120 pounds. I weigh 150 at this moment (3 years apart).

The diet plans written to me were absolutely on point. I realized that in order to succeed you have to follow the plan, be consistent day in and day out w the training and the meal plans. It won't always come easy as having 2 little ones under 3 at that time would be very stressful and being a full time mom and baby food would obviously play havoc. But it became a lifestyle a healthy lifestyle that would benefit anyone trying to lose fat and build lean muscle.

The truth is, I was never a fan of my body as much as when I started lifting. I was never big but I wasn't toned enough. At my first show (when I didn't have a coach, I studies the sport by myself) I was very lean and competing for the first time in a bikini was nerve racking. I was by myself backstage, I didn't know what to expect. I got on stage and did what I learned from YouTube posing. After seeing the pictures I realized I need to build muscle in order to compete further and that's where I looked for a coach. Although looking at that first stage picture now I see how far I came from. It's amazing how your body can change and with that the Confidence Grew.

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The components of my training program are pretty much consistent and would only increase in weight and intensity. As of now I Weight Train 6 days a week, Cardio 2 times a week (as I am in off season now). I would hit Legs twice a week (once focusing more on quads and the other on hams and glutes), Back twice a week as I'm trying to get my back stronger bigger wider, as I switched from figure to physique division this year. All the other muscles I try to hit the, at least once a week. Cardio twice a week at 30 min steady. As I get closer to a contest I would incorporate HIIT as it's very effective in fat burning. This year I started working with TEAMPROSATWORK. Recently I Earned My IFBB PRO status in Women's Physique Division. Being a professional athlete definitely makes me realize that competing at this level it's a whole new game.

This year July I competed at National Level for the first time in Women's Physique Division in Pittsburgh at 2017 Teen Collegiate and Masters Bodybuilding Championship. Competing amongst the best national athletes is no koke. Overall there were 1200 competitors and each class would consist of 15 to 30 competitors or more. The competition it's big and the nerves off the roof. But I prepped for this show for nearly 6 months, the support and motivation from team members family and friends was amazing. All I could do is be myself and bring my best package to day. Of course I was nervous standing next to taller bigger stronger maybe physiques. All I could do is show my work and be confident that I was the best I could be. I did win my class D 35+ and Overall at this Show. It was very unexpected, very emotional and overwhelming! I did it! The feeling I have to this moment is unreal but absolutely worth every work put in.

Being an Athlete does take a lot of time in regards to training, cooking, prepping, posing and juggling the family life and work etc. But I learned to love this sport and the way it makes me feel about myself. I feel stronger, I look stronger, more confidence and having my girls eat the healthy way it's definitely a plus. It's a healthy lifestyle and I wish more people see it that way. Then seeing mommy train so much and being rewarded it's the biggest accomplishment as I know they will live by example. Recently my 4 yol competed in National American Miss and got 2 Trophies. She was so proud she said: look mommy I have trophies just like you, but I want more too!!!

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At this moment I'm going into off season and working into building more lean mass. I have a few projects coming along and it's very exciting. I plan to compete in my first Pro level Show next year. And with that to start earning points for the biggest bodybuilding Show Ever Mr Olympia. It's an Absolute Dream of Mine and I Won't Stop Now.

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