Maria Flores - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

A new IFBB Pro!

Experiences from the Masters Nationals, July 2017

Athlete check-in was a breeze. Gary Udit's staff was so well prepared to receive us. Since I had to weigh in, I made sure I didn't start my carb load so that I ensure I made weight. Not all scales are created equal, so even though my scale at home indicated my weight was 122.6 I did not want to risk it. I wanted to be top of lightweight class versus weighing in at bottom of heavyweight. Only two classes this year at Masters Nationals. Lightweight and heavy. Not like in past where there was 4 classes. Once I made weight at 121.6, I started my carb load. What a great feeling as I started looking fuller and tighter. At prejudging, I felt so good and confident. Everything went so smoothly! I couldn't believe how tight I looked, and how good I felt. I always tell myself that whatever happens, happens! You can't control judging, but you can control how to present yourself.

Maria Flores

This was a great prep. IFBB Pro Marijan Lipsinic and his wife Sandra helped me with my prep. My husband and I have known them for a long time. Marijan is a wizard when it came to the diet. He had me pretty much on two protein/veges day and one protein/carbs/vege days, one clean refeed every week all the way up to show day. My cardio consisted of 45 mins fasted in a.m., 15 mins after weights, on training days, 1 hour fasted straight on non weights days. My training and diet this prep helped maintained my muscles but had me loose bodyfat, thus making me more conditioned. I prepped for 19 weeks. Weight training consisted of training body parts (back/traps legs, chest/calves, shoulders, biceps/triceps, once a week, 12-15 reps sets.
I was always hungry, even though I had enough to eat with 6 meals per day, I was hungry girl! But I had my eye on prize!!

Life as an athlete: OMG, who would ever thought me, an IFBB Pro! I am stoked to achieve this prestigious title at age 57! Goes to show everyone at my age, that it is only a number! As far as it affecting my whole life, it really doesn't! I've always trained hard and with passion! If I can continue to inspire and motivate people, that's how I know it had affected my life!

Future plans: Pro debut at Tampa Pro in 11 days! My dream come true! More pro shows next year!

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