Maree Evans - Figure Competitor

Maree: I began competing after my son turned one and that was 9 years ago, since then I have competed every year pretty much and sometimes twice a year. I became interested in the sport after watching my sister Cheryl Frost (Pro card WFF) win her first comp and then I was hooked. I played netball as a child but lived a very active life with my family at the beach and I started going to the gym at 18 and started doing chin ups way back then. I have always admired muscles on women and think it looks strong and sexy. The first Women I really admired with muscle was Linda Hamilton in Terminator 1 and I admired her delts enormously and I began to work out to get those delts as hard as I could. I came 3 rd in the INBA in Australia in my second comp and have been competing against myself to be better ever year.

My diet changes pre contest in that I am very strict with the timing of my meals and the portions so that everything is weighed to get my daily calories right so no guessing. I have to do that so if I need to make changes I know where to make them. I try to cycle carbs as well so I don't go into starvation mode which I see a lot of girls getting. Off season I keep my diet as clean as possible so I do not have to loose too much fat when its pre contest and I like to look fairly lean all year round so I look nice in dresses or shorts. I have the usual diet that most girls have in that I eat every 3 hours and keeps my carbs zero after 1 pm and I try also to minimize cardio so I dont get too exhausted.

All my comp diets got me a 6 pack and none of them failed, as i am good at dieting and don't cheat really at all, I think the key is to start early on your diet and not have a massive amount of fat to loose in a short period of time as that places massive amounts of stress on your mind and body. Always be prepared with your food so you don't binge eat, I always have back up protein bars with me every where I go so I never eat unhealthily foods even off season as I like to look like a body builder all year round not just comp season. Protein bars are a massive marketing boom now with really yummy ones with very little carbs so that makes my life a lot easier when I have chocolate cravings.

I train 4 days a week with weights only off season and no cardio (my bad!) but like I said I'm a food Nazi and I keep it clean off season so I don't have to do a crazy amount of exercise all year round. Also pre contest I also do weights 4 days a week and sometimes 5 days if I have the energy, and If I'm not quite lean enough I will pull out the big gun and do some cardio which is usually a fast walk/jog over one hour.

I did public speaking and speech and Drama lessons as a child so being on stage was not new to me and when you're in your perfect shape that's a good reason to get on stage isn't it? You need to remember that when you are on stage you are literally painted a dark brown colour which hides many flaws such as stretch marks and scars and tattoos so no one can see any imperfections in the crowd as you look like a brown statue so to speak. That is the beauty of a perfect on stage tan.

It has been an amazing experience every time to compete and the girls back stage are always supportive and lovely and I made some lovely friends along the way. It is a very glamorous sport on the day but on a day to day basis not so glamorous sweating it out in the gym, But competing is a great to set a goal and stick to otherwise we end up cheating here and there if there was no date to get on stage in a very tiny bikini and I would not have my amazing pics where I'm super shredded and I'm very proud of all the training and dieting. When I get on stage on the day, it feels like I have climbed Mt Everest and reached the top and I'm very proud of my acheivements, it gives me the confidence to achieve then in other areas of my life,

My future plans involve putting on a few more kg of muscle and to be 60 kg lean at least on stage in a NABBA contest in 2017 and then perhaps to travel with my sister Cheryl Frost to LA as she plans to take a team of girls there next year to compete in a show run by Lauren Powers, called the Lauren Powers classic Oceanside USA. I feel that this is my best body and mindset I have yet achieved and I believe bigger and better things await me.


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