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I started a few years ago to give myself a challenge and got deeper into strength training. As Iíve matured my body requires more of the benefits of strength and resistance workouts offer and I enjoy the results and the people Iíve met who are involved are so positive and strong.

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Diet: As I begin an off season diet I keep to somewhat the same foundation of protein and fiber intake. I try year round to get the most of my nutrition with solid meals and limit the supplemental protein shakes, however it is difficult when fitting 5-6 meals into a daily routine. As season grows nearer I cut back from carb cycling diets and maintain a steady, yet smaller intake of carbs and fats, as time moves on into prep the carbs and fats become more sparse. Diets work differently for everyone and especially vary for women athletes, it takes time.

I work carefully with the advice of my coach. Everyone needs a mentor to keep them on the right path. Once I feel unsure about something I quickly communicate and we discuss any possible issues in question.

Because of my sport, training throughout the year is heavy lifting and light cardio. I like walking outside, hiking and street running and sprinting. Thereís a right time for everything from more heavier lifting to intense cardio, flexibility ,dieting etc. it becomes a science. The nutrition fuels the workout loads so they always have to be in balance and work to support each other. The movement has to balance the growth or downtime also.

I enjoy stage. I grew up dancing and traveling with ballet, performing and looking up to the adult dancers. Stage is like play time but also the platform of polished representation and a place to respect the art of presentation. And itís just thrilling, creative and fun!

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Love you babe ?? thank you for being a loving and supportive husband ??

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I categorize everything in preparation from the week down to the day of the event. Time management with the last few depletion workouts down to the seconds counted, meals carefully timed, rest day, day to the event etc. when it starts I leave everything out of my mind except focusing on routine and practicing , getting my meals in backstage and pumping. Focusing on breathing, staying steady and slow through the routine and showing respect for the sport by giving a good presentation and having fun and being in the moment onstage. The more posing practice you get in the more second nature it becomes and the more you enjoy that time you worked so hard for when you arrive on stage.

Athletics in general bring a connection of mind, body and soul. The athlete takes the opportunity at all costs to sharpen harness and exhibit from all the influences and struggles along the way. You have to have faith in yourself and in others that fully understand and support you. As long as you have goals itís a rewarding experience that never has to end.

I am only beginning and have a long long way to go with this sport. Right now I am so excited and happy to share my time to help people along the way. Iím just having fun, lots of fun with this all the time.


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