Mandy Saliba - Bikini Competitor

I always looked at bikini fitness model and was amazed with their physiques but never believed that with my body type I could achieve such a condition until one day a trainer approached me and suggested that I can compete. I had never done such a restrictive diet. I used to drink every weekend and binge on food after a good night out but envisioning myself on that stage led to me changing my lifestyle completely.

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Throwback to a shot @nellasfotography , post #thebattle #ifbb #mfbbf #malta #bikinifitness #bikini #svbikini @sv_bikini #tb #health #fit #fitness this journey was possible thanks to @micallefantoine my coach ! #fitnessjourney #gym #workout #training #eatclean For personal training session call on 79250722 #personaltraining #pt

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Well to be honest I'm never fully satisfied with the package and that is what keeps me going as I always want to improve. I recall this year before going on stage I was telling my coach that I was bloated and needed to be leaner. Honestly I have a low self esteem but the stage helps me as I wear a mask. I've always loved the stage. When I was 5 years old I did modelling and was mini miss Malta. Later I started singing dancing and drama.

I changed coaches during comp only once. My current coach is like my doctor. Despite me being very complicated he always helps and puts health above all! We also follow direction from a doctor who I trust and believe in. This dr specializes in food.

Diet: Every program is diff. We change it every 6 weeks. During peak season it was changed more often depending on the check ins. My coach knows what's he's doing I leave it all up to him. I train people myself however I cannot coach myself .every off season is different, every prep is diff. However during off season I try to lift as much as I can grow muscles grow.

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#backpose #ifbb #mfbbf #diamondcupwarsaw #warsaw #fiwe Do your best to beat yourself.. be in competition with yourself .. I aim to become better And do my best.. the rest is up to God .. have #faith and be #positive goodnight ! #instagram #potd #bikinifitness #?? #glutes #fit#fitness #gym

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Off season requires more carbs and more fats .women especially require these healthy fats in order for their bodies to function in a healthy way. I love to indulge in cheat meal once in 2 weeks. Never be afraid to cheat! Our bodies should be able to digest any types of food even unclean foods. Nonetheless I still avoid alcohol! And I eat clean and measure my macros as well as calorie intake during off season. This is my lifestyle and I love it :) I believe that we are what we eat.

I aim to compete later on. My body needs a break! I need to listen to my body. And spend some time putting family and friends first. During comp it is essential that you put yourself first.


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