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I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid at the age of 16. In short, hyperthyroidism will produce too much of thyroid hormones (T4 & T3) which causes all of body cells to function quicker than other healthy person, including my metabolism. I used to weight at only 39KG, and I never get fat no matter how much I eat. I was too skinny, and also due to the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, my protrude big eyes on my sharp face makes me look like an alien, and this appearance bothered me for quite a long time. As I couldn't make any change in the appearance, I have to embrace this illness, and control by taking my carbimazole (medicine for hyperthyroidism) everyday. One day, I suddenly experienced racing heart rate, then black out when I stood up. I was sent to the emergency, and told that I might develop thyroid storm. I was at the age of 23 that time.

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Doctor advised me to go for a radioactive iodine treatment, which will destroy the thyroid tissue so that it won't over-produce thyroid hormones in me in the future. There's when my hypothyroid came in, so I have to take synthetic thyroid hormone to control a balance thyroid function for the rest of my life. Hypothyroidism is another side effect after my radioactive iodine treatment. I was told by the doctor, my weight will gradually increase due to slower metabolism. This triggered me to look after my future body weight. I told myself, I must manage my weight well before I becoming a fat girl and damage my body. And hence, I search for fitness information since then.. Everyone knows exercise can help to keep optimal health, and when I am managing hypothyroidism, with a condition in which my thyroid gland doesn’t make enough thyroid hormone, regular workouts can do double duty as part of my overall treatment plan. Since then, I started my fitness journey at the age of 25. Like any other fitness beginner, I started with fundamental workout like aerobic exercises, cardio and some strength training classes. During the social media era, I was inspired by a lot of amazing athletes; there is when I told myself that I need to set a goal to achieve that physique that I desired. I was introduced to step into weight room, and this is how I begin body building until today... Slowly, when I started to developed that physique, someone introduced me to compete. My first virgin bikini competition was in year 2016 (26yo), since then, I felt in love with this sport, and kind of addicted into it, keep challenging my limit to bring the best package to the stage!

I never stop my training regardless of off-season or pre-contest. The only strategy I switched from off-seaon to pre-contest is the diet change from more good carbs to low complex carbs with gluten-free and diary-free diet, higher protein intake and lesser fat intake, which this is themost effective diet I'd ever experienced. Also, specially mentioned about the selection of carbs, for example broccoli or cruciferous vegetables are eliminated due to its Goitrogens are substances that interferes with thyroid hormone production. Also, I notice that potatoes make me bloated due to its production of gas that affects my digestion. Hence, I only select the most basic carbs like quinoa, brown and white rice.

I've experienced in different way of splitting my meal intake. I used to have 6 meals in a day calories around 1,800 per day, then slowly taper down to 4 meals at around 1,200 per day nearing to the contest. Of course, incorporate with proper weight training and adding cardio nearing to contest.

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I'd tried weekly low-carbs cycling before that failed to bring a fuller look on the stage even after I'd increased my carbs 1 week out before the show. I'd learnt from the mistakes, and knowing that it's mainly because of the conversion of T4 (thyroxine, the relatively inactive thyroid hormone) to T3 (triiodothyronine, the active thyroid hormone) is greatly impaired when insufficient carbs are consumed. A lower level of T3 leads to a drop in metabolism and this makes fat loss harder. On top of that, with fewer carbs at a body type of ectomorph like me, it hardly retain muscle mass during cutting phase.

To me, self-confidence comes from the hard work I put in. The more efforts I pay, the more confidence I gain. I feel satisfied with what I've achieved when I see significant result showing day by day in front of the mirror. Everytime when I step on stage, I have to make sure I bring up the best package that I never shown before.

I never missed any one of all these mentioned components. I did HIIT in the morning followed by cardio everyday before I go to work. After work, I will go to the gym and do my weight training. As for diet, definitely 100% clean and I prep my meal and bring it along with me no matter where I go.

On my recent show at the ifbb pro league in Singapore & Vietnam, both were truly tremendous event and really an eye-opener contests for me where I can have the chance to compete with many professional experienced competitors! Evidenced by a group of high-standard panel of judges, I had learnt a lot from the shows. They managed the athletes well with proper arrangement of check-in, and had feed us with useful information like judging's criteria on each category, posing requirements and etc. They introduce all athletes one by one which I find it is an honored respect to all the athletes during the show.

Because of the determination and the perseverance that an athletes should have, these taught me a lot and it helps to apply into my real life career, helps me to grow and perform even better. On top of that, I find everything turns to be even easier if we stay on the right track, keeping our goal clear and just keep going.

My current aim is to earn my first pro card. With that, I wish to expand my personal training & online coaching business as well to inspire more people to have active and healthy lifestyle. On top of that, I wish to promote the body building sports to people who struggle to get good body shape, especially women who have to deal with hormone changes with proper nutrition meal plan program.

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