Lynn Gairy - Physique Competitor

Lynn: Ever since grade school I've been active in sports, track and field soccer etc. So I guess I started at an early age in being healthy and keeping in shape. I first started working out at the gym with my best girl from the age of 16 in late 80s and was hooked. Mind you I slowed down with the births of my two sons and dealt with life but still did my own thing at home. I didn't really get into the true art of bodybuilding until I met my ex husband ten years ago and here I am still striving to improve. This old gal (lol) plans on doing this for as long as her body will let her so here's hoping it's a long time lol.

My diet both on and off season doesn't vary much. I'm always eating clean except off season I have quite a few more cheats. With all the different awesome coaches I've had every diet they put me on has worked in helping me lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

My prep for the Ontario provincials/pro show was the hardest one yet. Yes I did some whining to my coach and his response back was "suck it up princess" lol.

In September 2014 I finally decided that it was time to get up the courage and compete after going through a lot of bad personal life situations. I raised up from them and did my first show in Cobourg in May 2015. I must admit I was very nervous just like I was in high school doing speeches in front of a lot of people. This time I was doing it in a skimpy suit showing off the body I had to alot of people. But here I am four competitions later.

My training mostly consists of lifting weights and light cardio in off season. While on season cardio is amped up full force. Which I hate cardio. Lol. With my prep diet I'm weaker but I still go kill it at the gym plus my job is physically demanding as well. It takes a toll on me but it also helps in keeping me somewhat lean and in shape.

With every competition I do my experiences are always fun. I get to meet so many awesome athletes. It's such a great experience. I met my best girl and fellow teammate now under the guidance of Tim Love at my very first competition in Cobourg. Backstage we were making fun of each other because we wanted water especially and gum and the treats that were left for the competitors after we got off stage. We laugh about it all the time.

All in all every show I've done I've always had fun. Catching up with old friends and making a lot more new friendships. Cheering each other on and building each other up.

Like I said before I plan on bodybuilding for as long as my mind and mostly my body will let me do it. As for my goals I'm just going to see how far I can go because everyone wants a pro card but not everyone gets one. If I have the honor of getting one great. If not great as well. I'll have had fun times doing it. Plus I want to be the sexiest old lady with muscles in the nursing home when I get to that stage. That's not for a long time yet. Lol.

I can be reached through Facebook under Lynn Gairy or Lynn Bohn. Instagram is lynnbohn69 and my email address is

Thank you very much. Train like a beast and look like a beauty. Always stay humble and have a blast competiting.

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Lynn Gairy