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Believe it or not I used to be overweight in high school. I didnít watch my diet and didnít know how to workout at all. When bodybuilding was introduced to me it changed my whole entire life and made me the better person I am today. It's made me come to love my body more, enjoy the changing process and hard work with my training/diet.

During off season a competitor such as myself needs to "bulk" in order to gain more muscle before the next show. To do that, I have to eat way more calories than I did during contest prep. For example, if I was eating 1500 calories pre contest then during bulking season I need to eat at least 2000-3000. During contest prep those calories are cut in half and reduced closer to showtime to shred what fat I have left and lose my water weight. Everyone's bodies are different when it comes to a diet that can change the way you lose or gain muscle. During bulking season or cutting season that all depends on you the competitor or what your coach says.

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A diet plan I had at one point for my first figure show was way off coarse. I was eating too much fat and carbs than I was supposed to, but I was listening to the coach I had at the time. My diet for contest prep was not effective due to the amount of calories I was in taking before my show which was less than 1200 when I should have been at 2000 to maintain the muscle on my body.

My training consists of mostly lifting weights. I always try to go heavy than my last set to help build my tolerance up. I only use cables if I donít need a spotter most of the time. During bulking season I normally do cardio about 1-2 times a week for no more than 30 minutes to keep from getting fat and during cutting season I do cardio 5 times a week to shred my excess water and fat before show week.
In order to balance training with diet it all depends on how much calories one is in taking before and after their workout.

During high school I attended theater for about 4 years, but that is completely different then walking on stage half naked in front of a huge crowd of people you may or may not know. My confidence was driven by a few of my idols I watched almost everyday to learn their posing routines or gestures they would make on stage. Some of them are Nicole Wilkins, Kortnee Green, Wendy Fortino, Lady Hammer and IFBB Pro Annette (Swole Pochahontas).

My first figure show at the Tahoe Show was such a great experience. At check ins is the most hectic time to me mainly because you have to get to your tan on time, check in your hotel, and eat on time during all of this and the athlete meeting. Next, prejudging, the most crucial time to have your posing, tan and diet down. My prejudging experience was exciting, stepping on that stage seeing my friends and family out in the crowd supporting me, but I was more excited to show off all my hard work I accomplished during my year of training. Finals came and went so fast. All the ladies in my category looked beautiful and we were all very supportive of one another. I ended up placing top 5 and was very happy of my placement and of course everyone celebrated after absorbing a huge amount of sugary goods.

My future plans are in 2017 to do 3 shows to become nationally qualified, take another year off to train and then compete at nationals in 2018.

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