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Louise: I used to do boxing aerobic classes for a full year every single day, until I realised how skinny-ill I have become. I decided to join the gym when I got my very first pay check, just out from school. I was SO ready to start building some muscle and put on some shape to my body. I was addicted to Dana-Linn Bailey, and I was going to gym to make myself look like her! But then I realized that it just was not as easy as one, two, and three.

I was completely LOST in there and I had no idea what I was doing. I trained in a little corner and made sure, every 5 seconds looking up, that no one was looking at me or laughing. It totally killed my self-confidence and defeated the purpose of why I was there in the first place. I decided that I deeded a personal trainer just for a few sessions, so that I can learn what is needed and then get to business.

I saw Nina Richter IFBB Figure Pro, training 2 women every single afternoon, totally peeving on her, I wanted to BE HER! I decided to ask her if she would be able to take me for a few sessions. And it was on! There was where the bug bit me in full. It just started small and when I sat back and check back, I was so far ahead that there was just no stop or turning back. I loved it all! Nina took me to stage for the first time and from there on I moved over to Federico Focherini, who will now be my coach for sure until I die!

During my preparation to my first show, I realized that there is only but one way to conquer this- you give it your all, you LIVE for it, you do every single day with a mind and heart full of it, you treat it like it is paying you and as if itís your child as a mother. My day starts now at 3am, so that I can be in the gym by 4am daily. Itís the very first thing I do, so that the most important is done for the day and nothing unexpected comes up and keeps me from my daily workout.

I donít like to just live, to simply do the same thing daily. I always felt like I needed something more in my life. Since I started body building, I am fulfilled. It is daily challenge and the best thing for my crazy OCD.

Diet and Training
My off season diet contains a nice batch of Carbohydrates, whereas in season I stay away from all carbohydrates up for 10-13 weeks up to about 3-4 days before the show. I stick to white basmati, Oats and pasta for carbohydrates between 400-600g per week, and proteins I stick to Chicken and eggs between 1-2kg per day. I am up from Monday Ė Friday from 3am, and eat from 3 am -24pm, every 3rd hour, 6-8 meals per day. I donít eat vegetables and I like to make use of MCT oil for energy during my long de-carbing period. The most effective diet is a high protein, no carb and high fat diet. Itís the hardest diet to follow for extended periods of time by far and it leaves you unable to train proper because of very low energy levels.

I have tried a diet on and off season with mixed carbs and proteins, and only removed carbs for the last 4 weeks before the show. This does not work at all. If you eat one single thing, the body needs to only digest that, itís much easier and quicker, you get much leaner and you donít need to overkill supplement usage in order to get good results. Itís a healthy and safe way to prepare.

As I donít eat carbs while preparing for a comp, I am unable to train heavy. During the off season, I do have periods where I need to train heavy as well.
What we do is a combination of circuit training, tri sets, super sets and drop sets, allot of repetition and short to no rest between exercises. I would for instance do 600 Free Squats with no stop. I train legs 2-3 times per week and my workouts are from 2 Ė 3 hours long. Cardio I do, depending on body condition 3 Ė 5 times per day, 30-45 minutes long, as my second training session of the day.

Stage experience
The better your body condition becomes over the years the easier it becomes. The more competitions you do, the more relaxed you become. Good confidence also relies allot on your fan base and social media. Nice comments and likes to your pictures always help. Also, going for your body assessments and your coach always says: ďyou are perfectĒ, ďyou will win everythingĒ. When you do exactly as you are told like a soldier, and you trust your coach with your life as if he is holding your heart and last breath in his hands, you have absolutely no reason not be confidant.

The most special thing was my coach jumping me and hugging me when I got off the stage after the pre judging at my Provincials 2015. He is Italian, grumpy and manly, he DOES NOT HUG EVER! I was so surprised! I could always see the pride and happiness in his face when we are back stage. It is the best feeling in the world. You know that what he is thinking, you are thinking! You share the passion that only few can get and understand. Special stuff!

Future Goals
I was born to do physique for sure! Itís the freaking love of my life! But I had to give my body time to mature over the years so that I can enter the division and KILL It. So, then I competed in body fitness 2013-2015, and finally will prepare for physique in my 2016 season. My dream is to become Physique pro and compete next to my idol DLB, and win!

I am currently an online-coach who loves to work with female and older people. I am currently completing my personal training diploma as well, so that I can start to work at a gym and be in and around the environment where I am comfortable and happy to be in. You can contact me by e-mail: scholtzlouise53@gmail.com

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Louise Scholtz

Louise Scholtz