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Louise: My story is fairly short, it began when I joined the local gym with a friend she introduced me to my now pt Roy McLean. After my first couple of sessions I realised that I was already hooked, Roy is a seasoned competitor and along with his help I decided that my goal was to step on stage at the Hercules Olympia show the following may just 8 months away. Turns out my genetics aren't too bad lol. From that point on I trained 7 days a week and loved every minute. I'm a veterinary nurse during the day and bodybuilder by night.

My diet is set out by Roy, consists of Turkey, steak, salmon, chicken, rice, sweet potato and a treat meal once a week (whatever you like to eat most). I'm currently off season so although the diet stays pretty much the same, the carbs are slightly increased, I can eat a biscuit should I wish. The training is currently heavy so need the extra calories. As this has been my 1st year competing, I have been lucky enough to have a diet that worked for me. Although on comp day it's crucial to monitor what you eat.

My diet does reflect my training a great deal, At the moment my goal has been to build more muscle so my diet has increased protein and carbs enabling me to train harder and heavier, once the comp prep starts it's back to 5am fasted cardio, training in the evening followed by more cardio, being a full time vet nurse and mum some days can be long and busy so an extra protein shake or banana is needed!

I have always been quite am outgoing person but stepping on stage was totally out of my comfort zone, I have alot to thank my pt Roy for he helped me completely transform my body. I remember standing in the prep area at my 1st ever competition looking in the mirror thinking OMG that's actually me, all I wanted was to be able to stand on stage with the other competitors and not look out of place and I did exactly that. Most amazing day.

This year I competed in 3 shows my first being Hercules Olympia in Colchester 9th May it was amazing although I didn't place it was just an unbelievable achievement for me, my 2nd competition took me to Lincolnshire on 9th Sept (Mr and miss Lincolnshire) and placed 2nd ! The change in my condition from the previous show was obvious and I actually competed in the women's trained figure at the ibfa show. My last competition took me all the way to Leeds, (7hrs drive lol) as like the Lincolnshire show it was a little smaller in comparison to Hercules but I loved it everyone was so friendly and supportive I remember waiting to go on stage to perform my routine and everyone wising me luck I placed 3rd, and was over the moon. The whole competing experience has been awesome can't wait to get back up there!

I'm already planning for next year's session which I think starts in April, I have had a good couple of months growing and I'm just about to start shredding and comp prep, my goal as always is to improve, my condition, posing, routine and stage presence like most competitors I'm sure, my aim now is to win lol. Since I started my journey I have had a couple of photoshoots but again like others would love the opportunity to do more. And finally I guess sponsorship although I have great support around me supplements, training etc cost so anything that may help me to improve is always a bonus.
Contact: louflynn78@Hotmail.com
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Louise Flynn

Louise Flynn