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I was a marathon runner before I decided to compete in the sport of bodybuilding. The turning point for me was my 7th Full 26.2-miler - the OKC Marathon in 2014 where I finished-but felt completely drained afterwards. It was then at age 46 that I decided to hire my first personal trainer-Coach Daniel Treat in Tyler, TX- to help me get stronger and learn to change my ways. He guided me through diet changes and lots of heavy leg/back days to my very first bodybuilding competition ever - the Texas NPC Independence Day Classic on July 4, 2015... Where I took home 1st Place in Figure Novice and 1st Place in Figure Masters over 45.

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Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: My diet doesn't really ever change too drastically. I eat for health and performance more than for a "look" and in my life "Feeling" good usually means "Looking" good. The biggest difference in off-season and contest-prep eating for me is the amount of calories I consume daily... which also translates into an increased ability to burn more calories and build more muscle!

My coach Daniel Treat and I have been working on my diet for the last 3 years now-and through 4 competitions. My current diet is designed to control inflammation while supporting natural muscle growth as well as an overall increase in strength and stamina. I'm training to be strong and feel great in every sport I love as well as every aspect of my daily life!

I would venture to say I feel better/stronger now at age 49 than ever. My current diet seems to be a perfect balance of everything I love-which includes: Lots of healthy fats daily; high protein/ low carbs cycled with high protein/higher carb days; lots of raw greens; very clean isolate protein; and never forget my Udi's Gluten-Free chocolate chocolate chip muffins. The following are things I do on a regular basis: I eat gluten-free; never any refined white sugar; always organic and non-gmo; very little dairy; I raise chickens for my organic eggs; I drink apple cider vinegar daily...and I drink lots of distilled water!

I've never tried anyone else's contest plan. But I've used myself as a diet "research" for years... which I believe has helped my coach and I when he dials me in for my competitions. (Which is usually about 10 weeks out for me).

Self-confidence to compete: I feel like I'm simply obeying what is required of me in this life. I did not necessarily feel confident at first... but as I've continued to do it I am building that confidence a little more each time. I'm very grateful for this gift of self-confidence in my life and I don't take lightly the responsibility I believe I have to keep paying it forward.

My training plan includes all components...which I believe every good plan should.
- Cardio: I'm a distance runner at heart, but I don't run longer than 90 minutes at any one time during this season of my journey ...and I consistently balance my run training with speed and shorter distances.
- Weight lifting: I lift 6 days per week for an average of 75-90 minutes each day.
- Fasted cardio: I do "fasted" cardio most of the time...but this is a component of my training I can always scale back if/when I need to recoop some energy.
- HITT: I include HITT about 3 times each week as part of my lifting schedule.
I use carb-cycling and "fat-cycling" for increased endurance and overall better performance.

My most recent contest experience involved doing 2 shows back-to-back. (The Dre Dillard City Limits Classic on April 1st and the Ronnie Coleman Classic on April 8th) And although it was very challenging... it was a window of opportunity my coach Daniel Treat and I decided together we should take.

My goals: To earn a National Qualification -which I did; To ready my physique for a potential National Competition later in the season; and to build self-confidence and improve my stage presentation in every way.

I've attended posing classes with Jeff Dwelle (Dwelle Athletics in Plano, TX) since I began my bodybuilding journey 3 years ago. Kristen Dillard of Dwelle Athletics was my private posing coach for the last 2 shows where I successfully made the transition from Figure to the Women's Physique Division. She coached me in both styles of posing-Kristen is a very gifted posing coach.

??“...The LORD doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart...” 1 Samuel? ?16:7? ?NLT ------------------------------------------ ??Left Pic: 7.2.2015 -2 days out from my very 1st show; ??Right Pic: 3.27.2017 - 4 days out from my 3rd show ... ??This has proven to be such a painful and beautiful process ALL at the same time ... no doubt I'll just keep making my "todays" cOuNt!?? @treattraining @totalnutritiontyler903 @subzerocryotherapy @taylermadehair @fit_unicorn11 #tuesday #transformation #backgains #figureprep #naturalathlete #teamtotal #bodybuilding #balance #gratitude #courage #4daysout #npcfigure #growstronger #nevergiveup #godsplanisgood #believe #maketodaycount

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I'm very grateful every day to have the option to do what I love... and I love living my life as an athlete! I've been in Marathon training or training for a bodybuilding competition for the last 8 years now-prepping my food and scheduling my life around my fitness goals-I don't think there's a single aspect of my life that is not affected. I must add that I have a very supportive husband and family.

I'm excited to currently be a featured member on www.agingevolution.com -a growing community that supports and encourages fitness over age 40- a topic I'm very passionate about; as well I'm the Head trainer/Director of Marketing at Snap Fitness in my East Texas hometown of Mineola, TX.

For personal training, including online training plans; fitness modeling and/or public speaking:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorivick333
IG: @lorivick333
Email: landlvick@gmail.com
*I also use Snap Chat to document the daily details of my fitness journey: @lorivick333

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