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I was previously powerlifting and had started a hypertrophy program with a friend who was involved in bodybuilding. He had suggested that I could do a show and I scoffed at him at the time. Fast forward about 6 months and a few months of carb cycling later and I started to believe him. Within these 6 months I had resumed powerlifting, so I talked to my coach about possibly having any contacts in bodybuilding. He gave me the number to a previous training partner of his who was now a bodybuilder and prep coach. Within a week I had hired him to be my nutrition coach.

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My offseason diet has primarily consisted of moderate protein, low fat, and high carb with a weekly cheat meal built into it. Currently my coach is still slowly adding calories while keeping me lean. Pre-contest diet is very dynamic, changing based off of weight loss and physique appearance, but mainly consists of high protein, moderate carbs and low fats with clean refeeds (sometimes 2-3 a week!). My prep diet for my last show I was actually able to very effectively cut body fat while gaining significant amounts of muscleÖ (my coach is magic!). Since this was my first show, I havenít experimented with many other types of competition diets, however, carb cycling was effective but a slow process for me since Iím fairly carb sensitive.

My training still consists of the three main powerlifts (squat, bench and deadlift), and although my focus is on hypertrophy, I still use max effort lifts to benefit me. Lifting as heavy as possible for as many reps as possible at times. My cardio during prep consists of varying forms of fasted cardio, usually low intensity, as well as post workout higher intensity. My diet has to allow me to properly recover from my intense training, so communication between both of my coaches and I is very important in order to adjust calories as needed.

Self-confidence: I was scared to death of this aspect for most of my prep! As my show grew closer and I hired a posing coach, as well as my physique really dialing in, I became much more confident in the package I was bringing to the stage. Being comfortable practicing in front of people, even just coaches and people close to me, was a huge confidence booster. If I would walk into the grocery store in a tank and people would comment about my arms, that also told me I was on the right track!

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My most recent (and only) show to date was terrifying and absolutely amazing! I can remember standing in the lobby of the hotel that was being used as the check in site and the reality hitting that Iím actually one of the athletes thatís checking in, and that I actually belong here! It was very surreal (and slightly intimidating), especially since I was alone. I really didnít know exactly what to expect during prejudging but had no choice but to just be as prepared as possible. When I was moved from the last in the lineup to just next to center I was so excited! Finals brought my first routine and my first time on stage alone, ever. I was SCARED. But, as with any other aspect of competition in my past, once I walked on stage, the nerves disappeared and I was completely focused on my task. The awards ceremony directly after was nerve wracking, since I highly suspected that I had placed either 2nd or 3rd (out of the 5). I was gunning for 2nd, which is pretty high expectations for my first show, and in Womenís Physique Division. When I heard them announce 3rd place and it wasnít my name, I was smiling like I had won the show!

Being a serious athlete of this nature means that I consistently have to commit time and energy into my cause. I consistently make time to get into the gym, meal prep and eat clean, which is a pretty large time commitment, especially as a single mom who works two jobs. You have to make some sacrifices in order to accomplish big goals.

Iím currently offseason, training and eating accordingly in order to grow as much lean tissue as possible before prepping for another show sometime in the summer of 2018. Right now, my short term goal is an overall win at a large show. Longer term goal is my IFBB pro card, but time will tell if that remains a possibility as I progress! IF that happens, in my wildest dreams, it would be an honor to step on the Olympia stage.

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