Liz Guerrisky - Figure Competitor

My name is Liz Guerrisky! I got into competing through a mutual friend who was originally interested in doing a show and I confessed I had always wanted to do a show I just wasnít sure how to go about getting in to one. Long story short I joined a different gym and everyone there became like family and with the help of others especially the owner who is my coach I competed in my first show and fell in love!

When I am on prep I am very strict. Also what works for me might not work for you. Everyoneís body is different. I donít drink any alcohol, no cheats, and I fluctuate with my carbs and fats and calories. Iím still learning what works for me! A longer prep is whatís best for me! Off season I am finally giving reverse dieting a try. After my first show I went back to eating and drinking and not caring and gained all my weight back and not in a good way. This time I want to maintain some sort of leanness while still adding calories and decreasing cardio to work on putting on muscle.

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My prep diet the first time I tried that failed in a way was for my first show. I only gave myself about 8 weeks where I truly was committed. Before then I still ate and drank on the weekends and in a sense started just going down to hardly any calories and not counting macros or weighing my food at all. 8 weeks out I found a coach who helped me and I did fine but I could have done great with proper guidance.

Iím still nervous every time I step on stage! But I love this sport so much I just get out there and give it my all! Itís such an adrenaline rush too!

I mainly do HIIT. This is whatís most effective when Iím cutting and I prefer the stepper too. Sometimes I will switch it up with steady cardio on the treadmill at an incline. It depends if Iím trying to lose or maintain with my cardio. I donít do anymore than 30 minutes. I also love fasted cardio especially while cutting.

My last show was a new federation and I had such a good time! It was a great learning experience and was truly my first big show that Iíve done. I was so exciting checking in and tanning but one thing I wish I could change would be the fact I compared myself to others and became intimated. Iím normally good at keeping blinders on at a show and doing my own thing and meeting others which I love to do! But I stressed myself out with this comparison and I did become a little bummed towards the end of the show. Competing is such a great sport and you learn and change each time. Thatís why I love it! And wish I had remembered this during this show.

Being an athlete helps me focus and helps me with my drive and dedication that I bring into my every day life. It truly does push me.

Future plans are to keep competing and bringing my best each time! Iím looking into more coaches and shows and seeing what each experience brings me and pushing myself each prep. I always learn something new each time and I canít wait to see what happens which upcoming shows!


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